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Acuity Home Insurance Review

Acuity Home Insurance Review

Acuity Home Insurance Review

Acuity offers casualty and property insurance products for both individuals and businesses. They’re a top regional insurer that has earned numerous awards, with 90 years of experience. 

In 1925, this company was founded under the name Mutual Auto Insurance Company of the Town of Herman. After three decades, the company changed its name to Mutual Auto of Wisconsin, located at Sheboygan, Wisconsin and in 1999, they made a final name change to Acuity Insurance. They are still operating as a mutual insurance company until today. 

They write home and auto insurance policies along with some special and recreational policies for individuals and offers a wide range of commercial products suited for businesses. They are selling all of their products exclusively through their agents across their service areas. 

They are writing in 27 states, covering Midwestern states as well as some Southwestern states; however, most of the states along both coasts and the south are excluded from coverage. 

The Truth

Acuity has a fairly strong range of products for both individuals and businesses, with the notable exclusion of life insurance. As a result, they are not quite a one-stop-shop, but they do offer some package deals on insurance that are likely to appeal to some consumers. 

They have maintained a low profile and there are just a few customer reviews on forums and home insurance review sites. Complaints submitted by homeowners are clustered around claims handling, including unresolved or denial of claims and late payments. 

If you want personal interaction for your home insurance policy, Acuity is a good option for you. However, there’s one problem – they don’t seem to be knowledgeable about the company’s insurance offerings. They can only speak in generic terms about typical home insurance coverage and liabilities. Other than that, you can’t obtain anonymous quotes online, which is a big disadvantage, especially in today’s internet age where customers rely on the convenience of technology. 

The Claim

Acuity claims that they’re different from most insurance companies in the United States. The company claims to have world-class claims service and promises to provide homeowners with a single point of contact who can focus on each customer’s needs. 

Is their claim true?

There have been numerous complaints about how they’ve denied filed claims from homeowners and poor claims handling, which means their claims service isn’t that different and “world-class”. They also don’t offer online quotes, which is very important nowadays where people want convenience more than ever. 

Yes, they might have more positive reviews than negative ones but we can’t change the fact that Acuity’s claims handling isn’t the best. Their agents don’t offer a clear and comprehensive explanation of the company’s insurance offerings as well, making it difficult for the customers to understand the coverage that they really need. 

Consumers should be able to easily obtain quotes so that they can compare prices online and make an informed decision about what home insurance to get. Other than that, they should also find a company with a network of agents that are well-versed in their company’s products and backed by a savvy and easy-to-use website.

Acuity Home Insurance Products

Acuity offers all the coverage included in a standard home insurance policy. Among the included and add-on options are:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost
  • Sewer and water backup coverage
  • Blanket endorsements for jewelry and other valued person belongings
  • Identity theft
  • Home business coverage

They also offer a package endorsement for you home, with a list of additional coverages; however, if you’ll visit their website, these additional enhancements aren’t specified on their page. 

Acuity Home Insurance Discounts

They aren’t different from most insurance companies. They also offer the same discounts as most of them. You will be eligible for discounts if you:

  • Install protective devices or home security
  • Have an alarm system
  • Make recent home improvements
  • Have a new roof
  • Installed home monitoring system
  • Have smoke detectors
  • Installed deadbolt locks on exterior doors

Acuity Ratings 

With $4+ billion in policyholder assets under their belt, Acuity performs well when it comes to financial stability. A.M. Best rated the company an A+ or Superior rating, which means they have the financial backing to pay out claims of their homeowners, even when multiple claims are filed to them each day.  Acuity is not included in the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Home Insurance Study, unlike State Farm, Geico, and Allstate. 

Acuity earned 3.39 out of 5 stars in Clearsurance. 83% of the customer reviews have 4- and 5-star ratings, which means policyholders liked the company’s service. Some of them say that Acuity has good home insurance coverage but offers high deductibles. Only 4.2% gave a 1-star rating and they say that Acuity is turning down their filed claims and that their premiums increased without months of not filing any claims. 

There are 763 reviews from Trustpilot users, with an overall 4 out of 5-star rating given to Acuity. The majority of the reviews, 87% to be exact, rated the provider either Excellent (5 stars) or Great (4 stars), while only 3% rated their experience as Poor (2 stars) and 6% rated Acuity as Bad (1 star). It is worth noting that the Trustpilot 1 star reviews were attended to by an Acuity customer service representative, urging reviewers to email their team to further discuss the customers’ issues.

The Pros and Cons of Acuity Home Insurance

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of getting home insurance with Acuity. 


  • In-person agents that can assist you
  • Good home insurance coverage
  • Available in 27 states


  • Agents aren’t knowledgeable enough to the company’s home insurance products
  • No online quoting
  • No comprehensive details of home insurance products online

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