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Aegis Security Home Insurance Review

Aegis Security Home Insurance Review

Aegis Security Home Insurance Review

It has always been a bit tricky to get insurance for manufactured homes and trailer homes. However, Aegis Security Insurance Company works specifically on providing insurance for low-value homes. With their promise of “managing risk backed by strength, long-term stability, and insurance innovation”, this insurance company is a leader in niche segments and hard-to-place risks. If you are looking for specialized insurance for your home, you should check out our review and assessment of Aegis Security Insurance Company. 


Aegis Security Insurance Company began its operation in 1977 and focused mainly on mobile homes and low-value houses. Due to the specialized nature of their policies, they have developed a good reputation from clients looking for various kinds of insurance policies. Pat Kilkenny and Bob Kimmel purchase Aegis Security Insurance Company in 2013 and from this point on, they were able to earn an A- rating from A.M. Best. They are also licensed in all 50 states, which allow them to have a wider customer base.

Products Offered

Travel Trailer Coverage

If I own a mobile home, should I get a homeowners insurance or auto insurance? None of the above. You should get mobile home insurance. Aegis Security’s Trailblazer Program is designed specifically to provide insurance coverage for travel trailers. 

The travel trailer coverage allows for the repair and replacement of original parts, equipment, and accessories. This program provides protection from a collision, fire, flood, windstorm, theft, glass breakage, and vandalism. Insured parties can also opt to purchase Personal Effects Coverage for the items inside their mobile homes. Travel trailer owners can also purchase a vacation liability coverage if they use the mobile home for a vacation residence.

Manufactured Home Coverage

Since manufactured homes are cheaper since it is pre-fabricated and assembled on site. This means that the foundation is not quite sturdy and the value depreciates over time. With Aegis Security, manufactured homes are insured for up to $250,000. The manufactured home insurance coverage is available for owners, renters, or tenants. 

The rental policy provides coverage for up to 8 units.  Seasonal units, such as Park Model or other Travel Trailer units, can be insured if they are permanently sited. Since manufactured homes will depreciate in value, this insurance policy provides a preference for homes that are 15 years and newer.

Unoccupied Dwelling

The insurance for vacant homes is typically more expensive since it is exposed to greater risk. However, Aegis Security still offers a specific insurance policy for unoccupied dwellings. This program provides coverage for vacant manufactured homes, homes undergoing renovation, homes for sale, and other unoccupied dwellings. 

The repair and replacement cost for this type of coverage is up to $300,000. This insurance coverage provides protection from damages caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, smoke, volcanic eruptions, explosion, riot, or vandalism.



Wide and Specialized Option of Insurance Policies

Aegis Security is the ideal insurance company for homeowners that needs a specialized policy. The insurance policies offered by this company are usually hard to find since they carry a higher risk. Since they offer a wide array of options, homeowners can also customize their policies based on their needs and preferences.

Reasonable Premium for High-Risk Homes

Aegis Security offers insurance for homes that find it hard to get insurance. Despite offering insurance for high-risk homes, the premium to be paid is still considered to be reasonable. It allows homeowners to have better insurance options.

Great Handling of Complaints and Claims

The insurance industry often gets a high volume of complaints. Despite this, Aegis Security complaints satisfaction rating is commendable since the issues are often resolved and the number of complaints filed is low.



No Online Quotation

Since Aegis Security provides rather specialized insurance policies, there is no online quotation option on their website. If you wish to find out the rates of your policy, you would need to contact an Aegis Security agent to find out about their rates.

Limited Options for Claims Processing

The claims section of the Aegis Security website provides a simple claims form that will only require basic information. The easy filing of claims can provide convenience for homeowners. However, the option on how to file a claim is rather limited. Their hotline is only available for filing emergency claims and it is only available after 5 pm Eastern Time.

Aegis Security Review: The Verdict

Overall, Aegis Security is the best for those that are looking for hard-to-find insurance policies. Their reliable reputation and wide coverage options provide an ideal choice for customers with limited options. We definitely recommend this insurance company for anyone that is struggling to find an insurance policy for their high-risk homes.

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