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Residents in Alaska pay an average of $81 per month or $979 per year in home insurance premiums. 

There are approximately 317,000 housing units in the state, sixty-four percent of which are owner-occupied.

The average monthly costs for a homeowner with a mortgage in Alaska is $1,846.

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Alaska Statistics




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What’s better than mountain biking, skiing and kayaking on a beautiful sunny day in the diverse open space terrain of Alaska? Alaska is home to diverse wildlife and the Denali, the highest peak in North America. The beautiful scenery has attracted wildlife biologists and zoologists from all over the United States.

It may however be surprising that home insurance rates are high in Alaska. The rates are close to the national average rates. Many people view Alaska as a region of extreme weather conditions. Storms, fog and winds are very common. The state recorded the lowest temperature of -80 degrees in 1971. In addition to severe winters, Alaska also experiences thunderstorms and hail.  

Alaska lies between the Pacific plate and the North American plate. Alaska experiences earthquakes occasionally also. During summer, the heat waves in Alaska are deadly. The heat waves have caused wildfires that have destroyed property worth millions in the past. The weather is generally unpredictable but Alaskans have learnt to adapt to it. That’s the whole beauty of Alaska though. Why would we expect it to look like Los Angeles maybe? 

Conditions and location dictate premiums

The extreme conditions make home insurance rates high in Alaska. Alaska is a large state but it is sparsely populated. There are about 316,952 home units in Alaska. Most of these homes are insured. The home insurance rates have considerably increased from 2011. The rates have risen steadily from 2011-2015 by around six percent.

The rates also vary depending on the geographical location of the homes. Southeast Alaska for example, has the highest rainfall amounts and the rates would therefore be high for home owners here. It is therefore not surprising that many companies have come up to help homeowners in the state of Alaska. For the residents of Alaska, choosing an insurance company for their homes has been made easier. To learn more, read the rest of the article or enter your Zip to find insurers near you.

Alaska home insurance premium averages

Home premiums vary from one state to another. On average it ranges between $500-$2000. According to Insurance Information Institute, it would cost a homeowner in Alaska an average premium of $982 annually. Nationally the average premium stands at $1,173 annually. In the last 10 years these rates have been rising steadily. In July 2015 the average listing of Alaska stood at $284,240 while the national average stood at $284,748.

The average annual cost for residents in Alaska means that monthly the average homeowner would pay $82 for insurance. In 2015 Alaska was ranked 32nd in home premiums. It would therefore mean that Alaska lies somewhere in the middle when it comes to home insurance rates. Two thirds of all the states in America charge higher rates. 

Average Alaska Home Insurance Premiums

Monthly average$81$82
Annual Average$976$982
National annual average$1,132$1,173
Source: Insurance Information Institute

The best homeowners insurance companies in Alaska

State Farm

State farm is the largest home insurance company in Alaska. It commands the greatest share in the insurance market in Alaska. State Farm has been around for nine decades. It is therefore considered a trustworthy institution. The services offered by State Farm are exceptional. Home owners in Alaska feel secure with State Farm. 

To improve on protection policy, State Farm allows for purchase of business insurance, flood insurance and identity restoration. All these services are provided with a simple mobile app. The app also makes it easier for homeowners to report problems and get an instant response in times of disaster. The mobile app increases accuracy when tracking homeowners and making records.

State Farm is at the top of the list of all those companies that offer the best home insurance premiums in Alaska. A.M, S&P and Best have given the company strong financial ratings. J.D also gave highly satisfactory claims.


All State farm is a smart choice for homeowners all over Alaska. Apart from discounts on premiums, their rates are considered affordable. All State Farm offers extra protection depending on individual needs. The extras include data recovery, musical instruments and even gardens. Even after filling a claim you are protected from a rise in the premium.

All State excels in policy management for homeowners. They keep customers educated on new ways to keep themselves safe. The company’s policy makes it possible to view the effects of making minor changes to your average premium. You will be able to trace the effect of installing something new in your home very easy and be able to budget for it later.


In 1970 this company changed its name from the initial United Services Casualty Insurance Company to USAA Casualty Insurance Company. It is based in Texas and it offers its services 24/7. The services offered are casualty and property insurance. Five decades down the line, USAA have continued to be dedicated to service provision in the insurance sector. The company has an excellent review from A.M and S&P. USAA have been instrumental in their service for homeowners in Alaska. It is dedicated to customers.

Alaska home insurance companies: Market share and summary of ratings

RankCompanyMarket Share %AM BestS&PJ.D. Power 
1State Farm31.9A++AA3
4Liberty Mutual9.2AA3
5COUNTRY Financial8.4A+NR4
6Western National 6.5A+NRNR
7Horace Mann 1.9AANR
8Farmers 1.4AA3
9Hartford Financial0.9A+A+3

NR: Not rated
Source: Insurance Information Institute

Legal rights for homeowners

Homeowners all over the United States are well protected by the law. It is however not a legal requirement to insure a home. It is only a matter of personal choice to either protect your home in case of a damage or not One a home is insured under the law, it is wrong to shorten it without the home owner’s consent. When you find yourself in a situation you don’t understand, seek professional help.

All these Insurance companies have their services regulated by the individual state governments. Homeowners are protected by their own states from exploitation.

In addition to homeowner’s insurance policy, Alaska state policy requires all car owners to have liability insurance. Even without a car insurance, this is a necessity. Incase of an accident therefore, an Alaskan would be in a position to pay for property and third-party damages using the liability insurance. The total cost for car insurance amounts to about $872.3.

The premiums in Alaska are regulated by the Alaska Division of Insurance. The regulations makes it possible to access affordable premiums in Alaska. The first way is by asking for discounts from those companies that are willing and able to give them. Reduce also on the amount of coverage. No need to pay for something you are not using. It is also wise to compare premiums of different companies before choosing one you can afford.

How to save money on homeowners insurance in AK

  • Bundle your auto and home insurance.
  • Shop around, submit your ZIP at the top of this page and compare companies.
  • Take steps to protect your home from disasters.
  • check
    Get a home security system.
  • check
    Choose a homeowner's insurance company and stick with it.
  • check
    Make sure your credit score stays high.

Top 6 tips to choose a home insurance company

Have you just bought your first home in Alaska? Well, that’s amazing. And, now, you have to sign up for homeowners insurance to keep your asset safe and protected. You will be glad to know, homeowners insurance rates in the State is around $100 less compared to national average. There is a wide range of insurance companies to choose from here. But not all would be compatible for you.  Thus, the post below offers some tips that will help you to choose a reliable homeowners insurance policy for your new Alaska home.

1. Check the reviews - First, you will get a shortlist of 5-6 homeowners insurance companies. You have to get a comparative survey on each of them to find out the most suitable name for you. Check what the experts and Alaska homeowners have written about them. Check their overall reputation and experience in the industry. The one you choose should be a leading homeowners insurance company, backed by rave reviews and happy customers.

2. Check the standard insurance coverage - A reliable homeowners insurance company will not only offer you coverage for your dwelling and belongings inside home- but will also ensure liability coverage. The liability coverage will protect you if anybody encounters an accident or injury at your premise.  Make sure the company offers a transparent overview of its standard coverage package so that you can have a clear idea of what you will actually get.

3. Customization options - A standard homeowners insurance policy will offer a basic coverage. But what if you want extra protections like protection for musical instruments or sports equipments and so on? Well, in that case, make sure that the company allows customization facilities so that you can have coverage for exactly what you need.

4. Check financial rating - Though this point is often overlooked, yet it’s an extremely important point when it comes to choosing a homeowners insurance policy. If your chosen insurance company is not financially stable, how will it pay for your claims in times of your crisis? There are independent financial rating companies that rate insurance companies. Make sure your chosen homeowners insurance company has received the A+ rating from a leading independent financial rating company.

5. Use discounts - Won’t it be great if you can save some bucks on insurance premium? Even if you can afford the premium, rebates and discounts are always welcome. A homeowners insurance company generally offers discounts if you take active and meaningful steps to make your home safer. So, check, whether your chosen company provides educational materials on how to save money on your insurance policy.

6. Mobile app - It’s great if your chosen insurance company comes with a mobile app. Some of the leading insurance companies today offer easy policy management as well claim-reporting tool on dedicated mobile apps to make lives easier for customers. It’s a “smart” world today where most of us are almost always glued to our smartphones. So, things would be more convenient if we can manage our policy and premiums in just a few touches, anytime, even while on the go.

What's included in a typical home insurance coverage?

Homeowner's insurance is essential for Alaska residents. There are multiple types of homeowner's insurance that Alaska residents can choose from, but standard Alaska home insurance policies typically cover the following expenses:

  • Damage to sheds and other outbuildings
  • Damage to the structure of your home
  • Damage to property that you keep in your home
  • check
    Medical expenses for injuries that guests suffer while at your home
  • check
    Lawsuits that arise from an injury that someone suffers on your property
  • check
    Hotel stays during a period of time that your home isn't habitable

What companies offer Alaska residents home insurance?

While there are home insurance companies that are unique to Alaska, Alaska residents can get coverage from most national insurance companies. Here are some companies that offer homeowners insurance to Alaska residents:

  • Allstate
  • Esurance
  • State Farm
  • check
  • check
    Liberty Mutual
  • check
    Alaska National Insurance Company
  • check
    Pippel Insurance
  • check
    Kenneth A Murray Insurance
  • check
    Hagen Insurance
  • check
    Randall Moss Insurance
  • check
    Travelers Insurance
  • check
    Met Life

Choosing a home insurance company In Alaska

It's important to compare rates between as many companies as you can. However, rates aren't the only thing to consider. Always become familiar with what each policy covers, and find one that's as comprehensive as possible.

Read plenty of online reviews of an insurance company that you're considering, and make sure that some of the reviews are written by Alaska residents. Reviews of homeowner's insurance companies can be found on a variety of websites, such as JD Power, A.M. Best , and The Better Business Bureau website. If you choose a smaller insurance company, make sure that they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

If you're renting out a house or part of a house, you'll need to get a landlord's insurance policy. These policies are offered by some of the same companies that offer other homeowner's insurance policies.

Alask​​​​a Division of Insurance

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