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Alfa Homeowners Insurance Review

In 1946, Alfa Insurance was founded by the Alabama Farmers Federation, which is one of the many fire insurance companies created across the United States by groups of farmers looking to help each other against risks. At first, Alfa only served policies for their members but when the company grew and expanded, they added a wide selection of insurance products and today, they are serving 11 states across the United States through the Alfa Mutual Group and Alfa Corporation. 

They have a wide variety of insurance products, including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance, and specialty products. With the help of Blue Cross Blue Shield, they've been able to offer health and dental insurance policies, too. However, the availability of their insurance policies depends on which state you live. The 11 states where Alfa homeowners insurance is available are:

  1. Alabama
  2. Indiana
  3. Kentucky
  4. Arkansas
  5. Ohio
  6. Tennessee
  7. Mississippi
  8. Georgia
  9. Texas
  10. Missouri
  11. Virginia

The Claim

Alfa wants to be known as the best provider for personalized service. They promise to make it easy for homeowners to file claims and get quotes. They also assure customers that if they need the company's service, they will be there immediately. 

Is their claim true?

Sort of. You can easily see the "Get a Quote" box on Alfa's website. However, when you try to get a quote, the website will just give you a toll-free number of an agent, meaning you still have to call an agent to get a quote as it won't automatically give you a quote on their website. It might look like they offer fast online quotes, but they don't. 

When it comes to claims, you can file by using their online claims form, you can report it via the toll-free claims hotline, or call your agent directly. Based on customer reviews, the company handles filed claims quickly and most of the reviews have 5-star ratings. 

Home Insurance Products

The company offers several levels of homeowners insurance, including the Dwelling Protection Policy, the Homeowner Policy, and the Extra Homeowner Policy. 

The most basic is the Dwelling Protection, but it is only offered in Mississippi. This named peril policy offers coverage for the house and contents only for risks specified in the policy. When a home doesn't meet the requirements for an all-peril policy, this type of policy is what Alfa usually issues to homeowners.

Alfa's standard form of home insurance product is called the Homeowner Policy. It provides coverage for the house and personal property, other structures, and liability. You can add endorsements, such as extended coverage for high-value items if needed. 

The Extra Homeowner policy covers the same areas as the Homeowner Policy type, however, it includes a higher level of replacement cost coverage for your home. 


The same as most home insurance companies, Alfa offers premium discounts to homeowners if they:

  • Installed fire and smoke alarms 
  • Installed security system, such as burglar alarms 
  • Purchased home insurance premium for a new home
  • Bundle auto insurance with home insurance
  • Have hail-resistant or new-installed roof


Alfa earned 3.72 out of 5 stars from Clearsurance. 83% of the customer reviews have 4 and 5 star ratings, which means policyholders liked the company's service. Some of them say that Alfa responds a few days after they filed a claim, while some say that they have great customer service and offers affordable home insurance premiums. Only 4.6% gave a 1 star rating and they complain about their premiums getting increased without filing any claims.

In the Consumer Affairs' website, there are 32 homeowners who wrote a review for Alfa. Only one of these reviews had a 5 star rating, while 14 consumers gave a 1 star reviews. Customers complained about increased premiums even though they don't file any claims, just like what the customers say on the Clearsurance website. 

When it comes to their financial strength, A.M. Best gave the company an A++ or Superior rating, which means they have the financial stability to pay out claims of their homeowners, even when multiple claims are filed to them each day. Alfa is not included in the J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Home Insurance Study, unlike State Farm, Geico, and Allstate. 

The Pros and Cons 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Alfa insurance to help you decide if this company is right for you. 


  • For a big company, Alfa has great consumer ratings as they only got a few negative reviews
  • You can choose among the three home insurance policy package to suit your needs
  • Financial strength is Superior, meaning they are a reliable provider
  • Affordable premiums 
  • Partners with a number of local news channels to provide the Alfa Camera Network. This provides early warning for their consumers about severe weather conditions.


  • Only available in 11 states

  • No online quoting process

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