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Allied Home Insurance Review

Allied Home Insurance Review

Allied Home Insurance Review

With the merger between Nationwide and Allied Insurance, Allied has become a formidable force in the insurance industry. Despite being a leading auto insurance company, Allied’s homeowners insurance policy is also worthy of a second look due to their reasonable premiums, reliable financial strength, and friendly claims process. Find out more about the home insurance offering of Allied Insurance.

Overview and History

The rise in the number of cars in the late 1920s has also increased the need for an automobile insurance company. In 1929, the Allied Mutual Automobile Association rose up to the challenge and began their operation in Des Moines, Iowa. Apart from auto insurance, Allied Insurance Company currently offers personal property & casualty insurance, business insurance, and farm/ranch insurance.

After several decades in the business, Allied Insurance Company forged a merger with Nationwide and took over the independent agency system. Currently, they handle the operation for Nationwide Insurance Company of America in the 34 states where they are licensed to operate. After the merger with Nationwide, Allied owns 4% of the market share and they are one of the top 10 largest companies for auto insurance. It comes as no surprise that Allied Insurance has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, BBB is updating their rating for Allied Insurance at present to consider the merger between Allied and Nationwide.

Products and Services

Allied may not have started with homeowners insurance, but they have developed a comprehensive insurance plan for interested clients.

Standard homeowners insurance policy

Homeowners insurance offers the standard policy, which includes dwelling insurance, personal property coverage, and personal liability coverage. However, compared to other homeowners insurance policies from other insurance companies, Allied offers a more comprehensive plan. 

The standard homeowners insurance also includes additional living expenses that are incurred during a loss, debris removal and replacement of trees and other landscape features, repair cost for the structure that can help protect the home from future losses, fire department charges, and forgery and fraud coverage. This coverage will cover for damages caused by accidental and sudden events like fire and lightning, windstorms and hail, smoke damage, freezing damage, and theft.

For the liability insurance, Allied covers for damages on claims for injury to others on or off the homeowner’s property, claims for property damage, liability defense costs, and medical expenses for injuries to others.


Discounts on Allied homeowners insurance:

  • Bundle Discount – Allied offers a variety of insurance policies and if the policyholder decides to get both their auto and home insurance with Allied Insurance, they are able to get a lower premium on both policies. 
  • Gated Community Discount – Gated communities offer an added level of security to homeowners, especially against theft and vandalism. With this, homes located in gated communities are offered a special gated community discount by Allied.
  • Home Renovation Discount – Newly renovated homes can get a premium discount if they have renovated their plumbing, electrical, heating, or cooling system. This is also applicable for homes with newer roofing.
  • Home Purchase Discount – Homeowners that insure their home with Allied within the first year of purchase can also get a premium credit on their policy.
  • Protective Device Discount – Installing protective devices like smoke detectors and fire alarms may also help the policy owner earn the protective device discount for their homeowners insurance.
  • Claims-Free Discount – Low-risk customers may also get a discount for being claims-free. This may be dependent upon how long the customer has been with Allied.

Claims Processing

Allied’s home insurance claim process encourages their clients to protect their homes or any injured person on the property first before filing a claim. In order to file a claim, the policyholder can either file an online claim or call the 24/7 toll-free hotline of Allied at 1-800-282-1446.

Based on online reviews, Allied’s claims department is friendly and approachable. While there may be some negative comments, Allied has received generally favorable reviews for their insurance claims process.

Pros and Cons 


  • Offers a variety of discounts
  • Easy and friendly processing of claims
  • Strong financial standing
  • Easy access for online account
  • Comprehensive Insurance Package


  • No online quotation


The huge market share of Allied in the industry has helped them seal their good reputation with their investors and clients. Policyholders that need an insurance company with their strong claims processing program will find Allied as an ally. While there isn’t a solid feature that separates Allied from other insurance companies, they are still able to provide quality service for their policyholders. It is best to consult with one of their independent agents for more information regarding Allied’s homeowners insurance policies.

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