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American Integrity Home Insurance Review

American Integrity Home Insurance Review

American Integrity Home Insurance Review

American Integrity is a home insurance company that provides coverage for homeowners in the state of Florida. American Integrity was started in 2006, following up a lack of home-insurance options in Florida after Hurricane Katrina. American Integrity is considered one of the newer insurance companies on the Florida insurance market. American Integrity is based out of Tampa Bay, FL and they specialize in home insurance exclusively.  

American Integrity started offering home insurance only but recently expanded by offering cyber-security, golf cart, and flood coverage policies, as these are high-demand policies in the state of Florida. Their policies are sold via independent agents. American Integrity is tied to the ‘Citizens Takeout’ program that is designed to lower the policy load on last-resort home insurance and give citizens an option to transfer to a new insurance company if they choose to transfer their plans.

American Integrity Home Insurance policies provide coverage for the following:

  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Rental properties
  • Manufactured homes
  • Golf carts
  • Small boats
  • Extras: Floor insurance, higher limits on coverage, identity theft, service line insurance

Financial Ratings

Financial ratings provide a sense for how stable a certain insurance company is. Ratings are important in order to determine how solvent an insurance company is going to be in case of a claim. 

American Integrity is not rated by any of the major financial companies (AM Best, Fitch or S&P). however, it did receive an “A” rating from Demotech. Many insurance companies in Florida are unstable financially, due to the volatile nature of the disasters and mass-claims following up disasters. In the case of American Insurance, Weiss gave it a “D” rating which signifies they are a financially unstable company. 

The two major ratings it received are not compliant with each other; meaning American Integrity is most likely on neutral standing and does have finances available to cover most claims.

Homeowner Insurance Plans

American Integrity offers 2 “tiers” of homeowners insurance

  • Premium: For homes valued at $750K-$10M.
  • Regular: For homes valued below $750K< & vintage homes built before 1900.

1) ‘Premium’ Coverage Homeowner Plan

Their Premium Coverage plan is for homes between $750K-$10M & their most loaded plan, aimed at Florida residents with deeper pockets. The ‘Premium’ plan provides the highest amount of benefits and claim options for policyholders. 

The ‘Premium’ plan offers coverage for:

  • All property damages on homes valued at $750K-$10M.
  • Personal items such as expensive jewelry, art, musical instruments, gold/silver, furs, and collections.
  • Damages to the pool, screens, carport, and more. 
  • Service lines (things you can’t see) such as underground pipes, electric structures/power, water, and communication. 
  • Unattached structures (such as 2nd visitor’s houses, sheds, horse stables, courts, etc). 
  • Identity recovery specialists: If an identity is stolen American Integrity allocates an agent to help clients restore and take control of their identity,
  • Home devices such as computers and/or home security systems. 

The ‘Premium’ policy also offers a unique Concierge service for each client, which is not present in the regular home-insurance plan. Each client gets their own customer service representative and they can choose a proffered contractor program for all renovations following a claim. Clients also have access to custom inspections and portfolios.

2) ‘Regular’ Homeowner Insurance Plan (HO-3)

The regular homeowners insurance plan provides coverage for most homes in the state of Florida.

It offers many similar benefits to the ‘Premium’ plan such protection for personal items, but also unplanned liabilities.

The ‘Regular’ plan offers coverage for:

  • Property damages on the home.
  • Damages to personal items such as money, jewelry, furs, firearms, silverware, trailers, boats/watercraft both on and off the premises of the property.
  • Fire department service charge.
  • Damage to neighbor’s properties (if something on your property inflicted damage on theirs such as a tree falling over).
  • Medical payments.
  • Watercraft damages.

Umbrella Insurance

The umbrella option provides all-around financial coverage. Their umbrella plan provides coverage between $1M-$5M in assets for all-around protection including gaps left by 3rd-party medical and car insurers. The umbrella insurance by American Integrity is considered more affordable than other home insurance options in Florida.


American Integrity’s condo insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for damages due to wind, hurricanes, and hail. This is unfortunate because condominium residences in the state of Florida are very prone to natural disasters, and condominiums are a common residence in Florida compared to the rest of the country. The condo insurance option only provides coverage for man-made damages such as fires.

Customer Reviews

Most American Integrity customer reviews are abysmal, low ratings are common, with some customers claiming they had to take American Integrity to court in order to receive their claims. There are frequent reports of claims being approved and then disapproved a week after. If taking it to court is a viable option for you, you should consider taking out one of their plans. 

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