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Amica Home Insurance Review

Choosing an affordable home insurance policy is important for most homeowners when looking to insure your house. Other than that, you also have to consider the level of service you will receive, especially when it comes to filing claims. If you want a painless and quick claims process, Amica Mutual Insurance can be your best pick. Its flexible policies and excellent customer service made it one of the best choices for home insurance in the United States.

Brief History

Amica Mutual Insurance is located at Rhode Island that offers not just auto insurance, but home and life insurance as well. It was founded by A.T. Vigneron in 1970, and originally, they only offer theft, fire, and auto insurance. As the company grew, they expanded and offer life and home insurance to the United States. It was a mutual company, which means it was owned by policyholders rather than stakeholders. Today, they already have 49 offices across the country.

The Truth

Amica is not a large company, unlike State FarmLiberty Mutual, and others. It doesn’t have big commercials, advertisements, and does not sponsor large sports events because it’s relatively small. However, when it comes to excellent customer service, Amica is one of the best. You can expect the best coverage rates in this company as well. They can accommodate your needs, whether you want something more robust with a number of coverages baked into it or a lean policy with small coverage amounts. They make sure that filing claims become painless and transparent for their customers and they are giving great perks, such as their Contractor Connection service and multiple discount opportunities. They also have a dividend program where you will get a refund from a portion of your paid policy at the end of your policy term since your payments are invested as a dividend.

The Claim

Amica claims that they put customers first. They handle claims efficiently backed by their award-winning customer service and offers affordable rates and flexible home insurance coverage. They will be there to help you shoulder the burden and get your home and your life back together, no matter when you need assistance.

Is Amica’s Claim True?

For 17 years straight, Amica received a five-star customer satisfaction rating in J.D. Power’s Homeowners Insurance Survey, which means their claim about offering the best customer service is true. For 6 consecutive years, they also got top honors from J.D. Power’s Insurance Claim Study, which means when it comes to claims, they really make sure to help out their customers first.

A lot of home insurance companies have issues with regards to how they interact with their customers and how they accommodate each claim, that is why this factor should not be neglected when it comes to shopping for the best home insurance company. Amica can be one of your best options because they really deliver their promise of looking out for their customers.

Other than that, they offer several discounts to help you save and rates are generally affordable, so even though home insurance quotes are unpredictable unless you ask for one, you will be sure to pay a low premium rate. They also offer a dividend policy wherein a dividend will be given back to you at the end of your policy term and they provide access to an emergency repair program if your home repair needs are urgent and needs to be addressed immediately.

The disadvantage of this company is that they don’t offer insurance policies in Alaska or Hawaii and they don’t provide coverage for farm, ranches, and mobile homes.

Home Insurance Coverage

They offer standard home insurance coverage and the following unconventional upgrades:

  • Catastrophic coverage. It covers damage from floods and earthquakes, which are not usually included in a standard policy.
  • Dwelling replacement coverage. If your home needs repairs that could exceed your policy limit, this will cover the costs for up to 30%.
  • Home business coverage. If your work-related items are damaged or stolen, it will be covered by this upgrade.

Amica also has a Platinum Choice policy that includes dwelling replacement, home business coverage, and the following:

  • Credit card coverage of up to $5,000 if your card is used fraudulently.
  • Computer coverage that includes phones, smart TVs, tablets, and other gadgets.
  • Sump overflow/Water backup of up to $5,000 in case your water backup becomes damaged.
  • Additional coverage for business property, theft of valuables, and liability and medical payments.
  • Replacement cost reimbursement for stolen or damaged items.
  • Loss assessment plan that covers community property.

They also have a Home Repair Assistance Program. They are partnered with a national network of 2,000 insured and licensed contractors, Contractor Connection, that helps Amica to provide a hassle-free claims process. Professionals can be on the scene within hours if you call for emergency repairs.

Home Insurance Discounts

You will get discounts if you:

  • Have more than one policy in Amica.
  • Didn’t file a claim within 3 years.
  • Opt to receive your monthly bills electronically
  • Are a loyal customer of Amica for 2 years.
  • Use auto-pay for your insurance payments.
  • Have alarm and security systems in your home.
  • Have a new or remodeled home.
  • Install gas and water leak sensors.


As mentioned above, Amica Mutual Insurance was placed in the top spot of J.D. Power Rankings for 17 straight years. Compared to State Farm that only has a score of 825, Amica got a higher score of 861 and rated as “among the best” when it comes to fulfilling customer satisfaction.

When it comes to the company’s financial strength, it’s one of the best, considering it is a relatively small company compared to Geico and State Farm. A.M. Best gave Amica an A+ or a Superior rating, which means they can payout their customers’ claims without any problems.

When it comes to Amica’s response to claims and the quality of their customer service, there is no wonder that they are one of the best as proven by Clearsurance’ reviews. 69.7% of the consumers gave an excellent rating and only 1.7% gave a poor rating for Amica. One of the complaints they got from a consumer is that their premium got doubled after claiming twice in three years.

The Pros And Cons


  • This homeowners insurance is the best for those who are already a member of AAA.
  • Great for those who are car owners who also wish to enjoy the perks of being a member of AAA.
  • A great option for homeowners who are constantly on the road.
  • Cons

  • This is only available for those who are members of AAA.
  • Most clubs require members to buy auto insurance first before they will qualify for home insurance.
  • It is not available for customers who live in an area where there are no AAA.
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