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Anniston, AL Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners insurance is a kind of property protection provided by different insurance companies. It covers losses that might arise due to any unexpected and unpredictable events and certain natural disasters. Home insurance seems essential for the residents of Anniston, Alabama due to its susceptibility to natural disasters and an alarming rate of criminal activities in the city.

About the City of Anniston

Anniston is the capital of Calhoun County in the state of Alabama. It is one of the two core cities in the Anniston-Oxford metropolitan statistical area, the second being Oxford. Oxford lies toward the southwest end of Anniston, and Jacksonville lies toward the northwest end of the city.

Anniston covers an area of 45.66 square miles with a population of 21,770, according to the recent census conducted in 2017. The number of households in the city is 9,585 and the median cost of owning a house is around $95,700. The median household income per year is somewhere between $30,000 and $32,070.

The crime rate in Anniston is very high in comparison to both the state average and the national average. It is 176% higher than the state average and 249% higher than the national average. The most frequent types of crimes in the city are violent crimes and property crimes. 6,158 residents out of every 100,000 are a victim of a property crime, which is much higher than the state average (where every 2,957 out of 100,000 residents are affected by property crimes) and the national average (where 2,362 out of every 100,000 residents are affected by the same).

Weather Conditions in Anniston, AL

Anniston is categorized as an area with sub-tropical temperatures. The summer season is mostly humid and hot, while the winters are moderately cool.

The possibility of the city getting hit by an earthquake is greater as compared to the Alabama average but less than the national average. However, the likelihood of tornados causing destruction in Anniston is greater than both the Alabama average and national average. In fact, Anniston has been affected by tornados multiple times in the past, causing severe damage to billboards on highways, buildings and houses.

Anniston, AL Home Insurance Monthly Costs

There are various companies that offer good insurance packages in Anniston. The average monthly cost of insurance premiums in the city is $137.54, which is much lower than the Alabama homeowners insurance average of $144.95.

There are three main companies that offer competitive rates for home insurance packages. The cheapest among them is Travelers, which offered insurance at an amazing price of $99 per month. Other leading companies that we compared included State Farm and Liberty Mutual. The average insurance premium offered by State Farm is $180.62, whereas the average insurance premium offered by Liberty Mutual is $133.

Zip CodesState FarmLiberty Mutual
TravelersZip Code Average
Company averages$180.62$133.00$99.00Anniston Average: $137.54

We took into consideration 2 zip codes in Anniston and calculated the monthly average of each zip code. To acquire quotes from these companies, we gave them the following information:

  • A house measuring 1500 sq. ft.
  • Constructed in 2000
  • Consisting of two bathrooms
  • The roof of the house being replaced in the year 2015
  • The estimated price of the house at $150,000

Analyze all the information, and you will realize how crucial it is for the residents of Anniston to have their houses insured. Luckily enough for homeowners in the city, insurance is available at affordable rates. There is no reason not to protect your most prized possession.

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