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Atlanta, GA Homeowners Insurance Rates

Atlanta Homeowners Insurance Rates
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Finding the best homeowners insurance in Atlanta, Georgia takes time and effort. After all, Atlanta is a big city and there’s a handful of insurance companies offering various policies. In this article, we will cover some of the most affordable homeowners insurance policies in Atlanta along with stats that will give you an overview of home insurance in the city. 

The city of Atlanta is the capital, as well as, the most populous city in the state of Georgia. In 2018, it is estimated to have 498,044 residents – making it the 37th most populous city in the entire country. Atlanta is the economic and cultural center of the state and the center of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, which is home to more than 5.9 million people. 

Downtown Atlanta is home to many high rise buildings, and it boasts of three high-rise districts. The other neighborhoods, in the meantime, are low to medium density communities where single-family homes are common. Since Atlanta is known to have a long and rich history, it is also not surprising to find numerous historical districts. 

The city is continually shaped through time. The controversial and transformative Gentrification of Atlanta, for example, has seen plenty of changes and conservation in many Atlanta neighborhoods. Finding the right insurance company to provide coverage for your property in Atlanta can be tricky. The city is big so it is not surprising that you will be able to choose between dozens of coverage available. 

When looking for the best home insurance policies in Atlanta, some of the factors that you need to take into consideration are coverage features, prices, financial stability, claims process, and customer service. 

Demographics in Atlanta

Population: 498,044


  • Households: 192, 929
  • Owner Occupied: 43.4%
  • Person Per Household: 2.24
  • Average Family Size: 2.11
  • Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units: $238,700
  • Median Gross Rent: $1,037
  • Median Household Income: $51,701

Average Homeowners Insurance Costs In Georgia

Compared to other states, Georgia has a relatively median home insurance cost. The state is ranked at number 20 in the entire country with an annual average homeowners insurance cost of $1,200. With the national average at $1,192 per year, the state is able to maintain affordable premiums compared to their neighboring state, Florida. 

Average Insurance Costs in Atlanta

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Atlanta, Georgia for properties valued at $200,000 is $1,103. This rate is below the average national home insurance cost. 

Company$1000 Deductible
AIG $812
American Family$744
American National $715
Amica Mutual $2148
Central Mutual$1667
Georgia Farm Bureau $2109.83
Integon National$1113
Massachusetts Bay$1229
Memberselect $813.57
First Protective$1133
Pharmacists Mutual $674.94
State Farm $1516

In this table, it shows that the most affordable homeowners insurance companies in Atlanta are the following: Pharmacists Mutual, American National General, and American Family.

Hazards in Georgia

The state of Georgia is exposed to a wide range of natural disasters and hazards. It is crucial that you are aware of these different hazards so you know which home insurance coverage is best for you. Georgia is the seventh rainiest state in the country which makes it prone to problems like flooding. Make sure to check if your insurance coverage includes protection against water-related damage like flooding, roof leaks, basement flooding, and more. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance does not include floods as a covered peril so make sure to have this as an add-on to your policy. 

Other natural disasters that are noted in Georgia over the last four decades include landslides, urban flood, extreme heat, and tornadoes. Disasters like these can cause plenty of problems for your property so make sure you have adequate coverage. 

Burglary and Theft in Atlanta

Statistics show that for every 100,000 residents in Atlanta, there is 704.3 reports of burglary and at least 3,387.2 reports of theft. You can protect your property further by making sure you have adequate protection versus possible crimes in your area. 

Factors that Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Premium

There are different factors that can affect the cost of your homeowners insurance premium. The best way to know is to get a complete Atlanta home insurance quote. Nevertheless, most insurance companies rely on common factors to determine the final cost of your premiums. 

  • Discounts Your Company Offer – Check into the discounts that insurance companies offer and see if this can be applied to your premium. Different discounts like a new home, installation of alarms, and bundled discounts can make a lot of difference. 
  • Materials of Your Property – Consider the materials that your home is made of. Durable materials like bricks which is non-flammable may cost less to insure than properties made of wood. 
  • Credit Score – Credit scores can greatly affect your insurance premium cost because most companies consider poor credit scores as high risk. Take care of your credit score to enjoy better homeowners insurance rates. 
  • Deductibles – As detailed above, the amount that you agree to pay before the insurance company will process your claim will also have an overall effect on the cost of your premium.

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