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Auburn AL Home Insurance Rates

Auburn is a city located in Lee County in east-central Alabama. It is situated at the juncture of the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions of the state. We have compiled data about the city related to homeowners insurance.

Weather Conditions in Auburn

The general weather conditions in Auburn are sunny and humid. However, it would be negligible not to account for various weather hazards that warrant the need for homeowners insurance.

The top 3 concerns in this area are storms, tornadoes, and floods. Tornado activity in particular happens to be 42 percent higher than the US average. Earthquakes are also a potential concern as the region has experienced them before. It would prove to be beneficial if you were to account for these natural hazards when pursuing homeowners insurance. This way, you could manage the aftermath of these occurrences more easily.

Auburn AL Home Insurance Monthly Premiums

We conducted our research by requesting quotes from the top 3 insurance companies in the region. These were State Farm, Travelers, and Liberty Mutual. The quotes were requested for 1,500 square foot houses built in 2000 that have a value of $150,000 and 2 bathrooms. We also proceeded under the assumption that the roofs of these houses were replaced in 2015.

For the state of Alabama, the average monthly premium came to a total of $144.95. In the case of Auburn, this amount was $138.43. This highlights that home insurance rates in Auburn are more affordable as compared to the rest of the state.

Zip CodesState FarmLiberty MutualTravelersZip Code Average
Company averages$168.79$142.50$104.00Auburn Average: $138.43


We examined 2 different postal codes in Auburn as part of our study, which were 36830 and 36832. Based on our findings, Travelers is the most affordable option for acquiring home insurance. Liberty Mutual would be the second most affordable, while State Farm is the most expensive of the three. This is reflected in the company averages. Travelers has a company average of $104, Liberty Mutual is at $142.5 and for State Farm, it is $168.79.

Auburn Statistics

Population statistics for Auburn are as follows:

  • Total population: 63,906
  • Population in households: 59,620
  • Population in families: 35,205

Statistics related to income are:

  • Median household income: $37,228
  • Average household income: $61,971
  • Per capita income: $26,440

The statistics for housing units are as follows:

  • Total housing units: 28,924
  • Median home value: $233,952
  • Average home value: $276,396

The following are household statistics for Auburn:

  • Total households: 26,222
  • Average household size: 2.27 people
  • Family households: 11,561

Relevant crime statistics for Auburn are as follows:

  • Burglary: 156 reported incidents
  • Theft: 1,454 reported incidents
  • Property Crime: 1,711 reported incidents

Adding onto the crime statistics, for every 100,000 people, there were 240.6 burglaries, 2,242.8 thefts, and 2,639 total property crime related incidents. This is relatively lower than the statistics for the rest of Alabama, but it’s still a problem. Hence, it’s advisable to secure homeowners insurance so that you have proper protection in place in the event that you are confronted by any of these problems.

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