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Umbrella Insurance Policy

Table of Contents1 What is Umbrella Insurance?  2 How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?3 What Umbrella Insurance Covers3.1 Bodily injury3.2 Property damage3.3 Types of legal damage3.4 Legal fees4 Types of Damages NOT Covered By An Umbrella Policy4.1 Damage caused by a business4.2 Malpractice lawsuits5 Who Can Benefit From An Umbrella Policy?6 Do…

Power Outage Food Spoilage Insurance

Aside from the inconvenience of doing chores without running electricity, one thing certainly does make you wish your power was restored quickly enough – spoiled food on the fridge. When you had some savory ribs or steaks that got spoiled due to a power outage, you can’t help but regret…

What Is A Homeowners Insurance Binder?

A lot of homeowners, especially those who just purchased a new home, are usually confused about the term Insurance Binder. To be very simple about it, a Homeowners Insurance Binder is a temporary document which acts as your insurance policy while the actual policy has not yet been completed. The…

Homeowners Insurance Declaration Page

Whenever you purchase any insurance policy, you will receive a multi-page document. These documents will usually include plenty of information about your insurance coverage. Many policy owners usually do not take the time to review each page, just because of the sheer number of items that need to be checked….

Swimming Pools And Home Insurance

It is a pretty exciting experience to have a pool installed in your backyard. It can be the center of fun for your friends and family, especially when summer comes. However, not every homeowner knows how a swimming pool can affect their home insurance policy. It brings liability risk, increased…

Home Insurance Rates By City

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