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California Casualty Home Insurance Review

California Casualty Home Insurance review

California Casualty Home Insurance Review

Nowadays, insurance companies are struggling with creating a brand that shows reliability and high standards. California Casualty is a regional insurance company that used to struggle with this problem. However, things have gone better for them and they have even turned into a national insurance provider. Read and find out more about their home insurance.

An Overview

California Casualty is just like every other insurance company, but they work to provide better benefits for the people in the community that works to improve our society. Apart from their basic home insurance, they offer additional benefits for firefighters, teachers, nurses, and peace officers. They also offer several discounts that allow homeowners to save up on their policy. On top of that, they allow various payment options to improve on the convenience they provide to their clients.

Products and Services

California Casualty’s basic home insurance is more than just the usual basic coverage. First, it provides protection for the structure of the house. California Casualty provides coverage against the usual calamities like fire and certain water damages. Homeowners may purchase additional protection against other events like earthquakes and sewer damages.

Moreover, this coverage also provides protection for personal belongings. However, policyholders should get umbrella protection for more expensive items. Despite this, California Casualty provides broad policy protection with an additional option for living expenses coverage that helps pay for temporary living cost in the event that your house is unlivable due to a covered peril.

This policy also provides legal protection should there be an accident in the property. It helps relieve the owner from the legal expenses that may be incurred as a result of this incident. There are also other policy coverages provided by California Casualty like $500 Lost Luggage Coverage and $1,000 Unlawful Use of a Debit or Credit Card Coverage.

Apart from this, they offer add-ons specific to teachers. They have the $3,000 Personal Property Used in Teaching Coverage with $0 Deductible, $500 Theft of Fund Raising Monies & Goods Coverage with $0 Deductible, Educators Excess Liability Coverage, and School Violence Death Survivor Benefit. However, policy owners should check if their state is being covered with these benefits.

There are also policy benefits offered solely for firefighters and peace officers like the $5,000 Personally Owned Off-Duty Weapons Theft Coverage, Turnout Gear Coverage, Personally Owned Uniforms Coverage, and the Fallen Hero/Fallen Officer Survivor Benefit.

Apart from basic homeowners insurance, California Casualty also offers renters, condo, and mobile home insurance.


California Casualty provides several benefits for certain clients. They can opt to get a discount on their policy. Here are some of the discounts that are made available by California Casualt:

  • Multi-Policy Discount – Similar to most insurance companies, California Casualty provides bundling discount for policy owners that purchase their home and auto insurance from the same company.
  • Non-Smoker Discount – Homeowners that have proof of being a non-smoker can get a discount for their policy because this can help avoid accidental fire.
  • Age 55+/Retired Discount – Older homeowners can purchase their insurance policy at a discount.
  • Home Alert Protection Discount – Homes with an installed home alert system can get additional discount on their policies.
  • Automatic Sprinkler Discount and Fire Resistive Discount – Automatic sprinklers and fire-resistive walls can limit the damage of fire, which is why California Casualty offers policy discount on homes with an installed automatic sprinkler and fire-resistive walls.

Pros and Cons


Impressive Website

Despite being a small insurance company, California Casualty has a pretty detailed website that details all the necessary information needed for their policy. The website contains information on the policy, the discounts available to users, and other necessary details. There is also a section where users can access their policy information.

Variety of Payment Option

California Casualty offers 4 payment types for their policyholder. First is the EZ Pay Automated Payment Plan, the Annual Pay Payment Plan, the 5-Pay Installment Plan, and the Payroll Deduction Plan. Policyholders can check out these options to see which will work best for them.

Specialized Policies for Professionals

California Casualty provides specialized insurance policies for nurses, teachers, firefighters, and peace officers. These policies are written to specifically cater to the special needs of each profession.  Due to the rampant school violence going on, teachers are given insurance to cover for these cases. Firefighters and peace officers also have the same benefits if they go into battle and don’t survive.


Customer Service needs Improvement

Despite having excellent customer service ratings, California Casualty still needs improvement on their response to a crisis. Other customers have also raised questions on their policy and the payment process. While they promise 24-hour claims processing, it takes longer for their customer service to process the claim.

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