Can I Get Homeowners Insurance On A Home I Don’t Own?

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Getting homeowners insurance is important to protect the dwelling in the event damage occurs. Many hazards can be responsible for this damage, so it is necessary to have protection just in case. In many cases, lenders require homeowners insurance by law. Securing a policy is simple, but you might be wondering if it is possible to get coverage for a home you do not own. The answer is yes, and there are many reasons why you might find it beneficial to do so.

Reasons to insure a home that you don’t own

If you are inheriting a property, this is a reason why you might want to obtain a homeowners insurance policy. In case you do not own the home yet but will eventually get the title transferred to your name, there are ways you can secure the insurance so it is in place by the time you get these details sorted out. The one caveat is that you are not going to be the beneficiary if something happens that requires a payout. This role will be given to you once you officially own the home.

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Another situation that might require you to seek out an insurance policy on a home you do not own is if someone else has secured the mortgage. This home is where you are currently living, but it is technically under someone else’s name. The same rule would apply where the mortgage holder would receive the payout, but this is something you might be able to work out with the individual on your own.

The process of getting home insurance

Before you get a policy in place, you need to make sure there is not already an existing policy on the home. You do not want to overinsure the dwelling, as this does not provide any additional benefits. A good way to figure this out is by determining if there is a mortgage on the property. Mortgage lenders require the owner to obtain a homeowners insurance policy, so you can contact them to find out if there is an active policy in place.

If there is no mortgage for a home that has already been paid off, you will need to consult with the current owner if possible. This is going to verify if coverage has ever been in place and when it expired. You will need to provide this information to the insurance company you work with to get a new policy.

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Homes in trusts

If the home you are living in belongs to a trust, it might be possible to obtain a homeowners insurance policy in your name. The determining factor here depends on if you have an interest in the trust. With this interest you hold, this gives you an interest in the real assets that the trust owns. This will include the home, so you will be able to obtain a policy. If this is your situation, explaining it to an insurance agent will provide you with further clarity.

There are several insurance companies out there willing to sell you a policy if your home is in a trust, but the coverage may be limited. These policies all depend on the specific details of the situation, so making sure you are aware of how much interest you hold in the trust is going to give you a place to start when shopping for insurance. You will benefit from looking into different companies or using a broker who has the ability to get you multiple quotes. Pay close attention to the coverages being offered, and always make sure you ask the broker if you have any inquiries about what is being protected.

Renting a home

When you are going through the process of renting a home from an owner, this will change the circumstances. You are not actually responsible for the dwelling at this point and don’t need to get home insurance. You would want to obtain a renters insurance policy to cover your personal belongings in case damage occurs, but the owner would be the one needing to get the homeowners policy in place. You can talk with the owner to verify what coverage you will have while living there.

Having a talk with an insurance agent will further specify how you can protect your belongings and which coverages you will have with a renters insurance policy. This is a way to take extra precautions while living in a home you are not going to officially own. If you ever do obtain the house from the owner, then you would begin to look into securing a homeowners insurance policy. This would happen in a rent-to-own situation.

Getting home insurance for a home I don't own

Filing a claim for a home you don’t own

To file a claim when you do not own the home but have a homeowners insurance policy in place, you will go through the exact same process as if you were filing a claim on a home you own. Depending on their involvement, the owners might take care of the paperwork or might want you to help them with it. You will then submit the information to the insurer, and they will determine if a payout is going to be awarded. The payout will be given to the homeowner.

To better protect yourself, having a document written that you sign upon moving in can allow the homeowner to promise you a portion of the payment in case a claim is paid out. It is important to discuss these potential situations before you move in to protect your investment. If anything happens, you need to make sure the home you are living in is going to be repaired and you will be compensated for any inconveniences that arise.


There are many unique situations that will require you to get a homeowners insurance policy on a home you do not own, but it is definitely possible in many cases. Staying prepared for the worst-case scenario will mean you have protection no matter what. There are many hazards that can affect a home, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Living in a dwelling that has adequate coverage, regardless of who owns the home, is going to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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