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Homeowners Choice Home Insurance Review (2023)

Homeowners Choice mostly provides homeowners insurance in Florida. Founded in 2006, they specialize on high-risk areas and have a good selection of additional coverages including flood insurance.

Armed Forces Home Insurance Review (2023)

When it comes down to shopping for a homeowners insurance policy, knowing what you are getting is very important. This allows you to fully understand the coverage you have in place before you commit to a carrier. In case a loss occurs, you will always be prepared when you know how a company operates and ... Read more

Swyfft Home Insurance Review (2023)

Swyfft is a homeowners insurance company that is trying to make it as easy as possible to get a quick quote online. This insurer started writing home insurance policies in 2014. Read on to learn more about Swyfft homeowners policies.

Openly Home Insurance Review (2023)

Openly is a new homeowners insurance company that launched in 2019. They offer premium policies with a lot of extras included in their policies. Openly's customers prasie this insurer for affordable premiums.

Kingstone Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Kingstone is an insurance company that makes it a point to include many different types of houses, even those that are typically harder to insure because of their locations. It serves 4 states: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachussets. Kingstone's premiums are competitive. This insurer has received positive reviews earning 4.2 stars on Google, but there are many claim-related complaints.

Frontline Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Frontline is an insurance company that serves 5 southern states and offers protection for many different types of homes. While it has received 4.5 stars through Google reviews, there are many comlpaints regarding canceled policies and issues with the claim process. Frontline appears to be financially stable, although it has not been rated by the main rating agencies like BBB and AM Best.

Southern Oak Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

Southern Oak is a Florida-based insurer that provides a variety of homeowners insurance products. Launched in 2004, they have been financially stable for 19 years and hold several excellent financial ratings today. Customer reviews are mostly positive with a few complaints.

SageSure Homeowners Insurance Review (2023)

SageSure is a property insurance company specializing in coastal states. Founded in 2009, they are willing to insure higher-risk coastal homes, which is a big plus. Overall, they have received mostly positive reviews with few complaints. They offfer select additional products depending on the state you live in.
MiddleOak Multifamily Dwelling Insurance Review

MiddleOak Multifamily Dwelling Insurance Review

MiddleOak specializes in apartment building insurance and caters its services to building owners who own multi-condo units. Predominately positive reviews indicate that MiddleOak has no problems paying out customers and their insurance policies are deemed as reliable. 
Westfield Home Insurance Review

Westfield Home Insurance Review (2023)

Westfield is based in Ohio and offers homeowners insurance in 10 Midwest states. They offer comprehensive policies with an emphasis on high-value homes. Westfield has earned a lot of positive reviews from its customers. Policyholders are generally pleased with their premiums, claims experience and how fast claim payouts are processed.
Utica National Home Insurance Review

Utica National Home Insurance Review (2023)

Utica National is a New York insurance company that offers homeowners insurance nationwide. There is not much information available online about their policies and coverages, as Utica mostly sells insurance through its network of over 2,000 insurance agents. Financial ratings indicate that this insurer is stable and has a positive future outlook.
Rockford Mutual Home Insurance Review

Rockford Mutual Home Insurance Review

Rockford Mutual Insurance Company is an Illinois-based insurance group that provides private and commercial insurance policies. Rockford Mutual is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, their main service area is the Midwestern region. Rockford Mutual’s main specialty is automotive and home insurance, however, the company provides farm insurance and commercial property ... Read more

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