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Does Flood Insurance Cover Contents?

Flood insurance can be purchased as an endorsement on a homeowners insurance policy as it’s not automatically included. This includes coverage for structural damage and personal property caused by floods. FEMA spearheads the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that provides flood insurance coverage to all homeowners in the United States. This is the largest insurance … Read more

How to Get a Flood Elevation Certificate

How To Get A Flood Elevation Certificate

Depending on where you live, flood insurance could be mandatory. In order for your insurance provider to calculate your home’s amount of flood risk, you might be required to get an elevation certificate. But what is an elevation certificate? An elevation certificate is a verification of how at risk your home is for flooding. The … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Basement Flooding?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Basement Flooding?

Water damage can happen in homes, and especially basements, for a multitude of reasons. Because there are so many possible scenarios, it can be confusing to figure out which ones homeowners insurance will cover. Be sure to know what your current homeowners policy covers and if there are any precautions or policy add-ons that you … Read more

How Much Flood Insurance Do I Need?

How much flood insurance coverage should I get?

Homeowners insurance protects your home and you from most risks that could damage your home and leave you financially strained. Under your homeowners policy you are protected from fire, debris, electrical malfunctions, and much more. You’re not covered, however, for external flooding. How do you protect yourself from flood and water damage? You’ll need to … Read more