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DP-1 vs DP-2 vs DP-3: Comparison of Policies

If you are a landlord or a homeowner with a vacation home, trying to decipher which dwelling property insurance policy is the best fit for your situation can be difficult. The purpose of this article is to help you gain a better understanding of DP-1, DP-2, and DP-3, the three forms of rental property and vacation home insurance policies, so that you have the knowledge to choose the policy that fits your unique situation the best.
DP-3 dwelling property insurance policy

What is a DP-3 Insurance Policy?

DP-3 is an open-peril type of dwelling property insurance policy which is typically used by rental properties, vacation homes, and houses with bad roofs. DP-3 is in many ways similar to standard homeowners policies like HO-3 with a few differences.

What is a DP-2 Insurance Policy?

DP-2 is a type of dwelling property insurance policy. It is typically used by landlords. It provides more coverage than DP-1 plans but less than DP-3 policies.

What is a DP-1 Insurance Policy?

DP-1 is the most basic form of a dwelling property insurance policy. It is a named-peril policy offering minimum protection. It is typically recommended for unoccupied rental properties.
Landlord insurance guide

Landlord Insurance Guide

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