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How To File A Claim Against Someone Else’s Homeowners Insurance

All standard home insurance plans offer protection to the policyholder for property loss and claims brought against them in the instance that any kind of accident occurs involving guests on their premises. If you find that you’ve been hurt or have experienced damage to your personal property while visiting with someone, it is up to … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Injured Workers?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Injured Workers?

Workers within the United States are hurt nearly every seven seconds while on commercial job sites or within businesses, for the most part being covered by their workers’ comp insurance. But there are many unlicensed, uninsured workers who are hurt while performing jobs for homeowners, setting the stage for the insured to tap into their … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Personal Injury?

Does homeowners insurance cover personal injury?

In many cases, yes, home insurance policies cover personal injury. The standard homeowners policy includes liability coverage and medical payments coverage, though there are some exclusions to what is covered. An invited guest is injured, will I be covered? Yes, guests you invite are covered under your liability coverage under the homeowners policy. This coverage … Read more

Homeowners Personal Liability Insurance Coverage

Homeowner personal liability insurance coverage explained

Personal liability is a standard for any home insurance. While important, it’s also one of the least understood coverages by homeowners. In this article, we’ll tackle everything there is to know about your personal liability insurance by answering 6 key questions: What is personal liability insurance? How can it protect you? Who or what is … Read more