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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Volcanic Eruptions?

Volcano eruptions are natural disasters that can cause billions of dollars worth of damage. There are many active volcanoes on US territory in Hawaii, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest. Citizens who live near active volcanoes should be prepared for a volcano eruption. The average volcano eruption can flatten an entire town and your home might … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Most don’t often have to worry about having to file claims for hail or storm damage in their areas. The most vulnerable states for hail-related damaged according to studies are Texas, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri with Texas seeing well over 1 million in property/home damage, Illinois coming in at 900,000, Missouri approximately 800,000, and Kansas … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Landslides And Mudslides?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Landslides And Mudslides?

Homeowners insurance is there to protect your most valued possessions, but what happens when there is no coverage in your standard policy for what you need protection from? Unfortunately, that is the case with landslides and mudslides. Natural disasters taunt homeowners in the various ways that they can tear up your property. There have been … Read more

Acts of God Homeowners Insurance Explained

Acts of God homeowners insurance explained

Your home insurance can be one of the most important investments you would ever need. While you hope and pray that nothing catastrophic happens to your beloved home, having it insured gives you confidence and peace of mind that you would be well-covered in any such unforeseen events. Depending on your requirements, insurance companies can … Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Lightning Damage?

Homeowners insurance coverage and lightning damage explained

Homeowners insurance will cover lightning damage. However, there are things to take note. Many policies can cater to cover personal property losses. These losses include damages from lightning strikes to valuable items like electronics. Remember, the coverage will only secure personal properties up to the limits listed in the policy. As per the Insurance Information … Read more