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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bathroom Leaks?

Bathroom leaks may be covered by standard homeowners insurance if they are sudden and accidental. Gradual leaks, sewer backups, and leaks caused by flooding are not covered unless you have additional coverages or endorsements.

How to Make a Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim

Water damage can be complicated to understand, as some causes of water leaks are covered by standard homeowners insurance, while others are excluded.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Broken Pipes?

Flood insurance is an optional insurance policy for homeowners insurance that protects you against floods in the home. Storms and burst pipes are common perils that lead to flooding on all levels of the home. This guide will look at the different coverage options you have in a burst pipe scenario. We’ll also look at ... Read more

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Backup?

Yuck! There’s nothing worse than finding out that you have standing sewage in your tub. A sewer backup can cause this to happen when there is a blockage somewhere along the sewer pipes below your house. When this happens, the damage can quickly worsen – not to mention the smell! Your first instinct might be ... Read more
Water Damage Insurance

Water Damage Insurance

Water damage in the home can be a source of enormous stress and cause you to have to deal with frustrating repairs, property loss, and inconvenient interruptions to water usage in your home. Dealing with these issues can add to your stress when you have water damage, so it’s important that you know how and ... Read more
Water Exclusion Clause Home Insurance

Water Exclusion Clause Home Insurance

In the world of insurance, there always seems to be a catch or clause hidden within the context of any given policy. The water exclusion clause is no exception. Water damage is a contentious issue in most homeowners insurance policies. Especially if you live in an area that frequently receives heavy rains, flooding, or water-related ... Read more
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Clogged Pipes?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Clogged Pipes?

One of the worst things a homeowner can face is the reality of a clogged pipe or a clog in the sewer line. Each can cause issues with water backup. In the event of a clogged sewage line, septic lines, which run from your sinks, showers, and toilets, get completely clogged up. When this occurs, ... Read more
Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pool Leaks?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pool Leaks?

Choosing to add a pool to your backyard can amount to endless years of entertainment for you and your family. It can also work to add value to your home and create greater resale value should you choose to move. While a pool is largely a positive thing, it can add some complications when it ... Read more
Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage From Dishwasher?

Will My Home Insurance Cover Water Damage from Dishwasher?

Coming home to a dishwasher that has let go and caused a flood can be quite stressful. Not only does it create a chaotic mess, but it can also leave behind some serious damage. This leads many homeowners to wonder, does home insurance cover water damage from a dishwasher? In most instances, water damage from ... Read more
Homeowners insurance coverage and water damage explained

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage resulting from flooding, sewage backup, and erosion will not be covered by your basic homeowners policy. Water damage resulting from burst pipes or other named perils in your policy will be covered. The trick is being able to decipher which caused the water damage in your home and showing the insurance company that’s ... Read more

Is Your Water Heater Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

If your water heater goes out, this can impact a lot of different things inside your home. You need the water heater to function properly, and having homeowners insurance is a very helpful way to stay protected. Homeowners insurance does cover your water heater in the event that it breaks due to a covered peril. ... Read more

Is A Broken Water Main Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

A broken water main can cause enormous problems for homes. Some broken water mains can cause underground flooding especially if it is not repaired immediately. Unfortunately, because water mains are located in a community-owned area, your homeowners insurance provider may deny any responsibility for it. What is a Water Main? For those who are living ... Read more

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