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CSE Insurance Group Homeowners Insurance Review

CSE Insurance Group Homeowners Review

CSE Insurance Group Homeowners Insurance Review

CSE Insurance Group operates as a regional insurance company with its operations limited in 9 U.S. states. Despite the small operation of CSE Insurance Group, there are still several homeowners that rely heavily on the policies offered by this insurance company. Find out what makes CSE Insurance Group different from other insurance companies.

History and Overview

CSE Insurance Group is a subsidiary of the Covéa Insurance Group or the Société de Groupe d’Assurance Mutuelle Covéa that is based in Paris, France. CSE Insurance Company had begun their operations in the USA in 1949. They were based in San Francisco, California back when they were starting, but the company has now settled into their new headquarters in Walnut Creek, California by 2009. 

CSE stands for Civil Service Employees because they started their operations by offering their policies to only firefighters, educators, police officers, postal worker, and other government employees.

However, they have begun offering their insurance policies to the general public in 1980, 30 years after they began their initial operations. In terms of financial strength, CSE was awarded a rating of A- or Excellent by A.M. Best.

Products and Services

CSE offers basic homeowners insurance for their clients. Initially, they offer these packages to civil servants like teachers, military officers, firefighters, police officers, or government employees. However, they have begun offering the same homeowners insurance policy for the general public.

This policy provides protection for the structure of the house, the personal property inside it, the personal liability that may be incurred, and coverage for temporary living expenses due to the loss of use of the home.

However, if the policy owner wants to improve their policy, they can opt to purchase add-ons for their coverage. Here are some of the umbrella protections that you can purchase when you wish to customize your policy:

  • Extended replacement cost – The basic homeowners insurance has a limit on their coverage, but the homeowner can choose to expand the policy limit by purchasing the extended replacement cost. The policy owner can set the limit up to a specified percentage.
  • Valuables coverage – Homeowners with high-valued items can purchase the valuables coverage so the full cost of the item can be covered. This can be used for expensive items like pieces of jewelry, antiques, furs, or artworks.
  • Equipment breakdown – Homes with complicated equipment can buy the equipment breakdown add-on. This can help pay for costs related to the repair and replacement of the equipment.
  • Contents all-risk coverage – Basic homeowners insurance policies provides protection against a specified list of perils or risks, but there is a limitation to this. With the contents all-risk coverage, the home is protected against all types of risks and perils.
  • Identity Theft – Theft of one’s financial identity is common nowadays, which is why some homeowners purchase identity theft insurance for protection. This provides protection if in case an identity theft occurs.


  • Bundling Discount – CSE is big on their auto insurance policy, which is why they also offer a bundling discount for clients that purchase their auto and home insurance together.
  • Civil Service Employee Discount – Since CSE initially operated as an insurance company for civil service employees, they have remained committed to their main clients. They offer discounts for educators, police officers, military officers, firefighters, and government employees.
  • Retirement Discount – Older homeowners can enjoy a lower premium for their insurance policy with CSE.


There are two available ways to process claims with CSE. First, one can lodge the application by logging in to Policyholders can also check the status of their claims in their account. Second, policy owners can call the 24/7 claims hotline of CSE Insurance Group at 888-236-5584.

Pros and Cons


  • Specialized target market – Since this insurance company has its focus on civil servants, they specialize in creating insurance policies that are specific to the needs of their target market.
  • Great customer service rating – Compared to other insurance companies, CSE Insurance Group has a higher customer service rating. In an industry where customer service is always lacking, CSE is able to provide excellent service.
  • Reliable Financial Strength – With an A- Rating from A.M. Best, clients can be sure that CSE has enough resources to support them in their times of need and crisis.


  • No online quotation – Clients still need to go to a CSE agent to find out about the price of the policy they wish to purchase. It may seem inconvenient for clients that prefer to check the rates online.
  • Difficult claims processing – Most of the complaints filed against CSE Insurance Group is about the tricky claims processing that they need to follow.

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