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DTRIC Home Insurance Review

DTRIC Home Insurance Review

DTRIC Home Insurance Review

DTRIC is a Hawaiin-based insurance company – DTRIC specializes in providing all-around insurance to homeowners, automotive owners, and commercial property owners. DTRIC’s insurance packages are catered to citizens and corporations, with multiple policies that cover all valuable assets in the state of Hawaii. DTRIC is one of the oldest insurance companies in Hawaii, and it was established in 1992 as an auto insurance brand. DTRIC has grown exponentially in the state of Hawaii, now their home insurance policies are some of the most sought-after in the state. DTRIC offers a number of commercial insurance policies including worker’s compensation. DTRIC is the premium insurer for large Hawaiian companies including the largest public employee union insurer in Hawaii.

DTRIC exclusively operate in the Hawaii area and the company offers its services to full-time Hawaii residents – they are the #1 auto insurer in HI, and their home insurance HO-3 is among the state’s most popular. DTRIC is owned by a Japanese parent company called Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, which is a Tokyo, Japan-based insurance conglomerate. This parent company is owned by MS&AD Insurance Holdings, a Japanese insurance giant that secures funding for its smaller subsidiaries such as DTRIC. DTRIC does not sell their policies directly, but their policies are sold via a network of agents located all over Hawaii. Clients have to find their local agents by submitting their zip code and reaching out to an agent for a quote. DTRIC is located in Honolulu, HI.

DTRIC’s home insurance is available for the following:

  • Homeowners (coverage for all Hawaiian Islands)
  • Tenants in Hawaii
  • Commercial property owners in Hawaii

DTRIC’s #1 focus is on auto insurance, and they offer bundles for joint auto-home insurance which carry discounts, depending on the size of the premiums. Building owners have to apply for the commercial category of loans, while umbrella options are available to all customers. 

Financial Ratings

DTRIC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 1996, making it one of the most financially-sound companies in the state of Hawaii. DTRIC currently holds an “A+” financial rating by the BBC, signifying the company’s ability to make payments for claims even in the case of a disaster. The company receives very few complaints, and this is due to it being a smaller branch of a much larger insurance company.

Homeowners Insurance

DTRIC’s homeowners insurance protects homeowners from common perils in the state of Hawaii, fires (both man-made and natural), theft/home invasions, and vandalism. The HO-3 plan is only available for Hawaii residents who currently reside in their homes as a primary residence, it is not available for 2nd homes or seasonal homes. The HO-3 policyholder is eligible for claims irrespective of whether they were located in the home during the time of the accident or located at another place, such as the mainland U.S. For instance, if a client is on vacation in another state and their house is broken into, they are eligible for claims under DTRIC’s HO-3 policy.

DTRIC’s home insurance policy consists of 2 parts:

  1. Property damages
  2. Personal liability

Property damage as part of an HO-3 covers all damages to the home, including any items that were stolen in case of a home invasion. It also includes any repairs that have to be made to a home in case of damage. Liability protection is for the homeowner and their resident family/guests. It covers all medical bills in case the person is present at the site of the accident while the home is damaged. This includes guests who are injured as a result of an accident.

Additional Structures

DTRIC’s standard HO-3 can be expanded to include other structures located on the client’s property. Clients can have their side-buildings insured as well. This includes 2nd visitor homes, sheds, detached garages, animal homes, and more. Side structures can be added to the main plan at a low cost.

Personal Property Coverage

The standard HO-3 plan comes with coverage for personal property inside the home. This includes all property that belonged to a person such as clothing, furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, silverware, AC units, art collections, and more. Certain items are included by default, while high-value items have to be insured in a separate plan (offered as an add-on).

Loss Of Use Coverage

DTRIC’s loss of use policy covers clients in case of an accident – if they need to leave their home while repairs are being carried out, the company will pay for their expenses at a hotel or temporary rent for the duration of the repairs. This is to prevent homelessness in the event of complete destruction.

Personal Liability

DTRIC’s liability coverage extends to the main insured person as well as everyone inside the property that was injured during the accident – this not only covers immediate family but guests as well. DTRIC will cover their medical bills under standard liability.

Add-Ons (Optional)

DTRIC provides the most important perils and liability insurance under their main plan, however, add-ons provide additional coverage. The main add-on is the ‘hurricane Insurance’ add-on which can insure your home against strong winds and Tropical storms. 

Hurricane Insurance

The hurricane insurance add-on covers all damages caused by strong winds and weather, and claims are higher when the hurricane is certified by the National Weather Service. The coverage is not provided directly in the plans, but it’s covered via Zephyr and GeoVera (two of the largest insurance companies) that partner with DTRIC to supply this policy. 


DTRIC specializes in auto insurance and offers many discounts for customers who choose to combine their auto insurance policy with their home insurance policy. There are also many perks and discounts for new customers who choose to transfer their business to DTRIC:

  • 25% discount for all homes that were built in the last 15 years (new construction discount)
  • 25% discount on total premiums for all customers who last 3 years without a claim (loss-free discount)
  • 8% discount for customers who used to have a perfect history with previous home insurers
  • 25% discount on every combined homeowners/auto insurance bundle

Premium Quotes

Clients have to inquire to obtain quotes by calling their main customer support line over the phone, or filling a questionnaire on their local agent’s website. The agent will then email them with a list of policy options and premium prices. 

Customer Reviews

DTRIC received a lot of praise for its customer service and fast payout for claims – DTRIC receives “average” reviews, meaning it’s a safe insurance company but it also isn’t exceptional in terms of rates.

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