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El Cajon CA Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners insurance in El Cajon, CA averages at $992.86 a year. It’s a tad bit higher than the average home insurance in California which costs $986/mo. The bright side? You pay $180 less than most Americans.

We compared 48 home insurance providers in El Cajon and here’s what we found:

  • Integon/National offers the cheapest home insurance quotes in California. At least, within the El Cajon area. Their annual homeowners insurance cost is $547 for both a 7-15 yr house and a 26-40 yr house with $300,000 coverage. The CA insurance agency also has the cheapest rates for a 7-15 yr house with $400,000 coverage. They offer it at $724/year.
  • Pacific Property & Casualty and Mercury Ins Group both offer an annual premium of $400. This is for a new house with homeowners insurance on $300,000 home coverage.

The Best Homeowners Insurance Rates in El Cajon, CA

We placed California insurance agencies side-by-side to see which had the best offers. We ranked them based on their average home insurance cost.

Overall, you can get the best home insurance in California from these companies:

  1. Integon/National ($586.75)
  2. First American Specialty ($626.25)
  3. Metropolitan Direct ($678.25)
  4. Mercury Ins Group ($681.75)
  5. Pacific Specialty ($707.25)
  6. Travelers ($714)
  7. Horace Mann ($722.50)
  8. Western Mutual/Residence ($761.75)
  9. QBE ($781)
  10. Pacific Property & Casualty ($795.25)
CompanyAnnual rates for a new house & 400k coverageAnnual rates for 7-15 yr house & 400k coverageAnnual rates for 7-15 yr house & 300k coverageAnnual rates for 26-40 yr house & 300k coverageCompany Average
Average$796.79$1210.71$948.92$1015.04El Cajon Average:
First American Specialty$503$818$592$592$626.25
Metropolitan Direct$554$838$645$676$678.25
Mercury Ins Group$411$904$705$707$681.75
Pacific Specialty$582$916$700$631$707.25
Horace Mann$617$823$704$746$722.5
Western Mutual/Residence$639$855$662$891$761.75
Pacific Property And Casualty$398$1,042$787$954$795.25
California Capital$642$975$777$794$797
Universal North America$503$968$775$974$805
Horace Mann P & C$692$923$782$829$806.5
American Security$685$978$734$892$822.25
Tokio Marine America$779$1,005$761$761$826.5
Amica Mutual$735$1,016$796$796$835.75
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$510$1,131$857$864$840.5
MAPFRE Group$636$1,093$813$851$848.25
California Casualty$539$1,065$897$932$858.25
ASI Select Ins Corp$657$1,081$856$978$893
American Reliable$892$1,073$840$1,026$957.75
State Farm$681$1,334$1,018$1,102$1033.75
Aegis Security$915$1,218$913$1,107$1038.25
AIG Prop Cas$1,006$1,252$953$998$1052.25
CSE Safeguard$716$1,264$1,125$1,193$1074.5
Cincinnati Ins Co$1,030$1,290$987$1,036$1085.75
Liberty Ins Corp$675$1,276$1,016$1,454$1105.25
IDS Property Casualty$937$1,435$1,062$1,222$1164
American Modern$1,277$1,392$1,014$1,118$1,200.25
Hartford (Sentinel)$939$1,416$1,168$1,333$1214
General Ins$811$1,551$1,239$1,320$1230.25
Stillwater Ins Co$864$1,671$1,299$1,291$1281.25
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$870$1,715$1,333$1,347$1316.25
Foremost Insurance$1,455$1,601$1,138$1,256$1,362.5
Farmers (Fire Ins)$1,057$1,704$1,384$1,372$1,379.25
Privilege Underwriters Exch$1,410$1,958$1,469$1,469$1,576.5
Bankers Standard$1,546$2,038$1,899$1,989$1,868

If you want $400,000 coverage for a new house, the top home insurance in El Cajon are:

  1. Pacific Property & Casualty ($398)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($411)
  3. First American Specialty ($503)
  4. Universal North America ($503)
  5. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($510)
  6. Integon/National ($529)

You can get the same $400,000 coverage for a 7-15 yr house from these top homeowners insurance companies:

  1. Integon/National ($724)
  2. First American Specialty ($818)
  3. Horace Mann ($823)
  4. Metropolitan Direct ($838)
  5. Western Mutual/Residence ($855)

But if you prefer to cover your 7-15 yr house at $300,000, consider these CA insurance companies instead:

  1. Integon/National ($547)
  2. First American Specialty ($592)
  3. Metropolitan Direct ($645)
  4. Western Mutual/Residence ($662)
  5. Pacific Specialty ($700)

For a 26-40 yr house with $300,000 coverage, you can get the cheapest annual home insurance premiums from:

  1. Integon National ($547)
  2. First American Specialty ($592)
  3. Pacific Specialty ($631)
  4. Metropolitan Direct ($676)
  5. Travelers ($680)

Why compare homeowners insurance in El Cajon, CA?

The average cost of home insurance varies for every California insurance company. By comparing offerings, you can choose a home insurance policy that fits your budget.

Shopping for Homeowners Insurance in California – DOs and DON’Ts

El Cajon home insurance is a must for homeowners. It can protect your home and property from loss and damages. Besides, if you opt for mortgage, you can’t get a loan unless you get home insurance policy.

Buying home insurance can be confusing for the first-time homeowner. So we rounded up these tips on finding the best home insurance in California.

1. DON’T be a cheapskate

You might feel tempted to cut costs and go for an HO 1 policy. But when it comes to homeowners insurance, you don’t want to be too cheap. Don’t get us wrong. Wanting an affordable home insurance in California is okay. However, you have to realize the trade-off that the cheaper your home insurance, the less coverage you get.

To illustrate, let’s look into the types of property insurance available in El Cajon, CA:

A basic HO 1 insurance will protect your home against 11 perils. An HO 2 policy covers everything found in an HO 1 home insurance plus a few named perils. Opting for an HO 3 policy provides even better coverage than these two – and the list goes on.

2. DO get the best home insurance possible

Buying home insurance isn’t just about saving money. Make it a goal to get the best possible coverage with your budget. If you need help, check out our Guide to Home Insurance Coverage. You can also use our website to compare homeowners insurance rates by State and City.

3. DON’T expect full coverage

Most California insurance agencies only reimburse an insured property’s market value. Unlike the actual replacement cost, the market value of an item lessens over time. So if you paid $100 for a gadget two years ago, its market value today is going to be less than $100.

4. DO check if a CA insurance company offers riders

What is an insurance rider? Think of it as added coverage on top of your home insurance policy. Home insurance riders are useful if…

  • You want the full replacement value of a stolen item
  • You want to increase the coverage of insured properties
  • You have valuable property at home (i.e. jewelry, cash)

5. DO make an inventory of your personal belongings

It’s going to help you choose the right homeowners insurance for your needs. List down all your possessions and include the following information:

  • Date you purchased the item
  • Replacement cost (i.e. price you paid)
  • A short description of the item you bought

Tip: If you own antiques, jewelry, or any property with unclear value, have them appraised.

Is El Cajon a Good Place to Live In?

El Cajon, CA is one of the state’s smaller cities when it comes to population. The number of people living here grew by a shy 4.4% from 2010 to 2017. That said, it’s perfect for small families who prefer a slow-paced lifestyle. Outdoorsy people certainly won’t mind the hiking opportunities it has to offer. But if you’re the type who enjoys nightlife, you might want to reconsider moving here.

The median household income in El Cajon is not that impressive at $49,445. That’s $17,724 less than the state average. Compared to the rest of California, it does have cheaper houses and monthly owner costs.

Housing units in the city have a median value of $403,700. With and without mortgage, the monthly owner costs average at $2,099 and $542, respectively. If you decide to live here, you’d have to put up with hot summers and traffic if you’re headed westward for work in the mornings.


The home insurance costs on this web page were retrieved from the official website of California Insurance Department. Actual rates may vary from the displayed costs. Only use our website as a general guideline to compare home insurance rates. Statistics involving US cities and states were sourced from the United States Census Bureau website.

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