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Encompass Home Insurance Review

Encompass Home Insurance Review

Encompass Home Insurance Review

Encompass Home Insurance offers its policies at a higher rate, but it is justified by the reliable service that they provide to their clients. Several clients have shown satisfaction when it comes to their experiences with Encompass Insurance. 

After a century in the business of providing personal insurance to their clients, Encompass surely knows how to treat their clients. However, there is more to Encompass than their excellent client ratings and their reliable claims processing.

An Overview

Encompass started providing personal insurance to their clients in 1897. After 100 years in the business, they have officially renamed to Encompass Insurance Company. Despite several revamps, the core value of this insurance company remains the same and that is to provide Protection and Security to their clients.

At present, Encompass operates in almost 40 U.S. states, employing 2,400 independent agents. These agents help policyholders to find an insurance policy that is able to suit their coverage needs and their budget. In terms of financial strength, A.M. Best has given Ecompass a Financial Strength Rating of A+ or Superior.

Encompass homeowners insurance policy offers the Basic coverage (also called the Special Package), but policyholders can upgrade to the Elite and Deluxe homeowners coverage. With this package, policyholders can have their homes covered with a 200% property location limit. Apart from these benefits, Encompass is also able to customize the policies based on what is needed by the clients.

Why should I choose Encompass home insurance?

Optional Add-ons

When it comes to product add-ons, Encompass surely provides variety and flexibility of options. If you feel like your basic coverage isn’t enough for your home, you can choose to purchase the enhanced replacement cost coverage so the insurance company can help pay for the expenses of rebuilding your home.

There is also a mortgage rate protection coverage that offers protection against increased expenses that are related to your mortgage. On the other hand, policyholders can also opt to purchase personal protection coverage for legal claims or computer & data recovery. There is also an option to insure high-value items like jewelry and fur.

Discounts Offered

  • The EncompassOne Policy – Encompass homeowners insurance rates are high, but the EncompassOne Policy provides a sizable discount if you choose to package your home and auto policy. The standalone policy of Encompass may cut a hole in your pocket, however, bundling discounts can help lower your premium.
  • Claim-Free – Policyholders that have not filed a claim against their insurance for a certain number of years can purchase their homeowners insurance policy at a discounted rate.
  • Dwelling Age and Renovation – Newer and renovated homes are more likely to get a lower price on their premium. Homes that are less than 49 years old may qualify for a home insurance discount.
  • Protection Devices – Homes with protective devices like a burglar, fire, or smoke alarms may also get a home insurance discount. There are also benefits to having security devices installed in the home.

Excellent Customer Satisfaction Rating

Compared to the national rating, Encompass Customer Satisfaction is considerably high. Insurance is an industry with a low customer satisfaction rating, but Encompass has an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Stable Financial Strength

Both AM Best and Fitch gave Encompass Insurance an A+ rating for their financial strength. This is a clear indicator of the stability of Encompass’ financial capacity. It also means that Encompass can pay for the claims made.

What are the downsides to Encompass home insurance?

Limited Online Platform – If you are the type to do all your tasks using your handphone, Encompass isn’t the right insurance provider for you. They don’t offer an online quotation option so you need to talk to an agent if you wish to know about their rates. The claims can only be filed through their hotline or by doing it in person. Moreover, the demand for a strong online presence has gotten stronger and it has become more evident even for insurance companies. The Encompass Home Insurance Company seems to be lacking in this regard. There really is a need to improve the online platform of Encompass to cater to the development of modern technology and the client’s need for convenience.

Expensive Standalone Policies – Encompass is really pushing for bundling their home and auto insurance. This is also the reason why purchasing a standalone policy can be expensive. 

In Summary

With the high premium rates of Encompass, you may have second thoughts about purchasing their policies. However, if you are looking for a reliable insurance provider, Encompass Home Insurance is surely difficult to beat. The protection and security that they provide when you file a claim are truly impressive. Moreover, its excellent customer satisfaction ratings is duly noted.

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