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Esurance Home Insurance Review (2023)

Esurance is a large insurer providing homeowners policies in 31 states. Esurance allows customers to customize their home insurance with a few additional coverages. Consumer reviews indicate that Esurance provides affordable premiums. However, there are quite a few complaints about the claims process.

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Premiums 5
Claims 2
Customer Satisfaction 4
Financial Standing 4
  • Coverage and discounts are comprehensive and plentiful.
  • Annual premiums may be on the low end.
  • Decent financial outlook.
  • Strong affiliation with Allstate.
  • Customers are on record saying they don’t receive quality service.
  • Claims process may be lacking.

Established in 1998, Esurance aimed to revolutionize how customers purchase insurance online. In 2011, Allstate, one of the largest auto insurance providers in the US, acquired the company. Over the years, Esurance has grown in strength, now providing insurance services in 43 states. Homeowners insurance is offered in 31 of those states.

Esurance is another insurer that focuses on its tech. With attention to technology, customers can complete tasks swiftly and conveniently. Despite the numerous advancements made in technology since its inception, they claim to be unwavering in its commitment to continuous improvement.

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When we consider ‌home insurance from a subsidiary company to Allstate, we expect attention to detail and fair pricing options. Otherwise, how does Esurance manage its reputation and coverage as a junior in the industry? 

We’re here to make these discoveries so you don’t have to. Keep reading! In this review, we’ll see just what kind of protection we can get in a standard home insurance policy. Furthermore, we’ll pay attention to how their customers feel, and take a look and their financial standing in the industry. 

Esurance home insurance coverages & premiums

We decided to evaluate the effectiveness of Esurance coverage options. Since Esurance is a company under Allstate’s wing, their online quote tool was redirected to Allstate’s site.

Assuming we follow the same steps we took in our Allstate home insurance review, we can come up with the right price and coverage for Esurance. 

In the past, we applied our test address to obtain estimates from rival firms. The house, situated in Arkansas, was constructed in 1986. Measuring 1,220 square feet, it’s worth $140,000 on the market. The area is notorious for wind and hail-related insurance claims.

We found the quote tool we used was extremely user-friendly and quickly gathered most of the necessary information upon inputting our address. In the end, we were presented with three distinct coverage options to select from. 

You can check out our Allstate home insurance review to see how these tiers of coverages differ. As we suspected, we received nearly the exact quote for “Esurance” through Allstate’s tool. For the most basic coverage, Esurance provides us with:

For this basic coverage, we were quoted at around $1,500 a year, which is among the cheapest rates we’ve been offered. This equates to about $130 a month. 

Esurance coverage may be the lowest tier, but it still edges out its competitors by merely a few hundred dollars annually. According to Forbes, Arkansas homeowners pay $4,826 on average per annum for Allstate insurance. Considering this, $1,500 a year doesn’t sound too bad.

Reading online reviews from homeowners insured with Esurance, we found a lot of reports of affordable rates. Many were able to find a cheaper premium with Esurance compared to their previous insurer.

Additional coverages

Let’s take a look at additional coverages that are available to add to your Esurance homeowners policy:

  • Green improvements: Safeguard yourself from incurring extra costs associated with repairing or swapping out impaired energy-efficient objects.
  • Water backup coverage: Assists in covering expenses that arise from a clogged drainage system or a malfunctioning sump pump.
  • Identity theft: Includes coverage of costs that arise due to identity theft.
  • Claim rate guard: Safeguard your premium against an increase caused by a claim.
  • Extended personal property coverage: You can secure extended protection for costly jewelry, watches, and furs. This will raise the cap on your personal property coverage, allowing you to insure items valued at $5,000 for up to $30,000.
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Esurance homeowners insurance discounts

During the pricing process, our quote is accompanied by automatic savings options that are prompted by specific criteria. We were able to secure around $600 in discounts through four applied promotions. 

  • These include the Home Buyer offer for those who have recently purchased or built a new home, as well as the Protective Device discount. That one is for customers who inform Esurance of their installed theft and fire safety mechanisms.
  • Another discount we received was the Responsible Payment discount. A good payment track record entitled us to a 10% discount for switching to Esurance. The best part is it guaranteed the same amount of savings for every year we stay a loyal customer

Esurance offers a range of other discounts to help customers save on their insurance premiums. 

  • For those who have not made any claims on their home insurance in the recent past, a Claims-Free discount of up to 20% is automatically applied upon the switch to Esurance.
  • Customers can receive a multi-policy discount of up to 25% when they bundle Esurance policies such as home and auto.
  • Customers who set up automatic payments can also enjoy the Easy Pay Plan Discount of up to 5% on their premiums.

Esurance customer satisfaction ratings

Esurance home insurance seems to take after its parent company in more than just comprehensive coverage and savings. Customers are more in favor of these companies in terms of home coverage and the service that comes with it. 

The NAIC registered an incredible 594 complaints against Esurance Property & Casualty, and only one was directed at their homeowner insurance in 2022. This registered as a 0.95 rating on the National Complaint Index, dictating that they received just under the average number of complaints for a company of its size. 

Customers online are mostly in favor of Esurance customer service. Many reputable customer review sites show Esurance customers toggling right on 3+ stars on average. When we take a closer look, we can see that many of Esurance’s customers are satisfied with their home insurance experience, yet there are quite a few policyholders that feel incredibly wronged by their insurer due to claims or a total lack of communication.

For clarification, the BBB released a statement about Esurance. The BBB has not accredited Esurance but has provided them with a solid “B” rating for their ability to resolve issues. The BBB completed a review of complaints against Esurance in November 2022. ‌Based on their files, the BBB was able to find the same pattern we found online. 

Many complaints online stated calls and emails weren’t being returned or responded to. ‌Esurance, of course, denied this discovery, stating they simply followed regulations. We can’t speak for their legitimacy in this matter, but we can say this is the first time we’ve seen the BBB expressly state a pattern of concern with company complaints.

Esurance’s claims process

To file a home insurance claim with Esurance, you can go to their website. From here, you can log into your account and file and manage your claim throughout the entire process. Otherwise, you can call them 24/7 at 1-800-378-7262.

All but one complaint against Esurance in 2022 was directed toward their auto insurance. This claims process has resulted in thousands of distraught customers who take to the internet to proclaim their issue with Esurance claims. We carefully sifted through these to find legitimate complaints about their home insurance. 

While there are some positive reviews left by homeowners who are satisfied with their claim experience and payouts, there are a lot of customers who had to deal with some difficulties with their claims process. Some recall water damage that left them having to repair features on their own. Others waited months to receive any type of payment or understanding of their claims process.

Esurance’s financial strength

As you would expect from the child of a profitable insurer, Esurance has a favorable outlook in terms of financial stability. As of August 2022, AM Best affirmed all Allstate companies with superior ratings for financial stability and long-term issuer credit. 

Weiss Ratings gave Esurance a “ C “ score for financial security. This is a few steps below their parent company with a “B” in the same category. The “C” rating expresses fair financial security with current stability. During financial pressures, it’s possible for Esurance to encounter difficulties maintaining its financial legitimacy.

Demotech’s financial stability rating was affirmed in December 2022. They provided Esurance with an unsurpassed score of A-Double-Prime.


Esurance took the market by storm with the implementation and attention to technology in the late 90s. Over the years of making the right financial decisions, they’ve set a great example of home insurance coverages and the prices that should follow. 

The fanciest tech doesn’t seem to shine a light on quality customer service, though. Homeowners with Esurance have a common issue getting ahold of somebody to provide the tiniest level of service. Without individualized agents to personalize policies and processes, customers are left to find answers on their own unless they find a better way to answer a large volume of inquiries. 

Overall, if you want arguably the best coverage for the best price with loads of discounts, Esurance is right for you. This is especially the case if you don’t mind getting information on your own.

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