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Frаnkеnmuth Home Insurance Review

Frankenmuth Home Insurance Review

Frаnkеnmuth Home Insurance Review

Frankenmuth Insurance is a Michigan-based insurance company that provides personal insurance and commercial insurance options. Frankenmuth is one of the largest insurance companies in the Midwest, currently servicing 15 states.

Frankenmuth is one of the oldest insurance companies in the U.S., it was founded 160 years ago by a community of German immigrants who arrived in Michigan in 1868. The group was looking for protection on commercial establishments and farms, banded together in order to create an insurance company. Frankenmuth was named after the town Frankenmuth, MI where the company is still located to this day. When Detroit became the #1 automobile manufacturing location in the U.S., Frankenmuth became one of the largest auto insurance companies as all manufacturing was insured there. Frankenmuth was rebranded the Frankenmuth Mutual Auto Insurance Company. In the 40’s it changed the name to “Frankenmuth Mutual Fire Insurance Company” and later they merged with a simplified name – Frankenmuth Insurance.

Frankenmuth is one of the largest regional insurance companies, currently offering their policies via a network of 500 independent agents. Frankenmuth saw its largest expansion during the 70s when it first started expanding in neighboring Midwestern states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Frankenmuth offers their commercial insurance policies in the states of MI, OH, WI and IN. In 2007, it merged with Patriot Insurance and their policies expanded to New England. Patriot Insurance sells its policies under the Frankenmuth name brand in New England while the company focuses on its stronghold states in the Midwest. Frankenmuth is located in Frankenmuth, MI.

Frankenmuth Insurance is available for the following:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium Unit Owners
  • Renters/Tenants
  • Homes Under Construction
  • Commercial Property Owners

Financial Ratings

Frankenmuth Insurance is listed on the Better Business Bureau, a company responsible for rating insurance companies based on their financial standing. The BBB currently awards Frankenmuth an “A+” rating which is a testament to the company’s financial standing. Frankenmuth has no issues paying out clients on claims and is one of the most financially-stable companies in the U.S.

HO-3 Homeowners Insurance

Frankenmuth’s main home insurance HO-3 policy is available in the states of Michigan and Ohio. There is additional coverage offered by their Patriot Insurance subsidiary in the New England areas: Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Frankenmuth has 2 main home insurance packages: Home Protector and Ultra Home Guardian. The Home Protector package is their basic HO-3 plan, while the Ultra Home Guardian is their premium package that offers the same coverage as the basic plan with additional policies.

Home Protector

Frankenmuth’s Home Protector package is their most popular HO-3 package and provides all-around coverage for the home and side-structures. The Home Protector plan covers homeowners for the full cost of their repairs/replacement costs in the event of an accident, their personal property inside the house, and their side structures.

The Home Protector plan includes coverage for the following:

  • Home. The home is secured at 100% of its repair cost – any damage to the home such as the interior, the exterior, paint, roof shingles, windows, or a completely destroyed home will be covered.
  • Personal belongings. The HO-3 plan also includes all personal belongings in the home that are damaged. Personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, silverware, electronics, AC units, pool equipment, and more. All belongings in the house are automatically insured. Note: There are few exceptions for high-value items (jewelry, designer clothes, precious metals, antiques, etc) which have to be insured separately or they won’t be covered at their full value.
  • Side structures. If the homeowner has side structures such as detached garages, visitor’s homes, sheds/workshops, animal houses or anything they want to insure they can use 10% of their total coverage for any of those structures.
  • Medical liability. If the homeowner is injured during an accident in their home, Frankenmuth bears all medical expenses. This liability extends to their family and guests.
  • High-value item increases. If the client opts to insure their most valuable items such as gold, designer clothes, artwork, or even guns – they can add extra coverage with no additional fees.
  • Loss of use liability. If the home is completely destroyed or the repairs make the home unlivable, the client has a right to demand claims for living expenses on their new rent/bills/food, the company covers all living costs until their home is fully repaired.

There are optional upgrades in the form of individual policies which can be added to the Home Protector basic HO-3 plan:

  • Increase coverage for the property. The client can negotiate repair cost coverage of over 100% if they wish. For instance, they can insure for up to 125% of the repair cost. 
  • Secondary home liability. If the client wishes to add another property such as their vacation home, they can add that property to their main HO-3 policy.
  • Watercrafts. If the client wants to insure watercrafts such as water scooters, pedal boats, boats or any other watercraft they can be added to the HO-3 policy.
  • Vehicles. Clients can insure their primary vehicles and recreational vehicles.
  • Sewer/drain backup. Clients can receive additional coverage against all water damage/leaks.

Ultra Home Guardian

Frankenmuth’s premium Ultra Home Guardian plan includes the same policies like the Home Protector plan, however, it also includes all of the following policies:

  • Debris removal. If the property is heavily damaged and/or collapsed, the company will hire contractors to clean up the property. This can also be used if trees fall on the property.
  • Landscaping damages. If the client has a valuable garden with rare trees or a high-value landscape, they can insure it for all damages under the ‘Ultra Home Guardian’ plan.
  • Property removal. If the client’s property has collapsed completely and needs to be removed to be rebuilt (or any other side structure requires the same) they will be covered under this policy.
  • Loss assessment. This policy includes full loss assessment using multiple agents who will analyze all losses on high-value items and determine their value.
  • Mortgage expenses. If the client has to refinance or their mortgage premium is increased after an accident, this insurance policy will cover the difference between their existing premium and the new premium (adjusted for inflation).
  • Evacuation expenses. If the clients have to be evacuated along with their personal belongings, and this incurs charges, the company will cover them for all their evacuation/moving expenses.
  • Identity fraud. If the client’s identity is stolen and used for malicious purposes, the company will restore their identity and clear out their credit history.
  • Fire department service charges. If the fire department invoices clients for any assistance or equipment is required, the insurance company will pay the expenses.
  • Ceiling or drywall damage. If the ceiling is damaged as a result of rainfall or snow heaviness, the company insures clients for all repair costs.
  • Lock replacement. If the client’s locks are damaged during a home invasion, the company reimburses clients for the cost of a new lock.

Customer Reviews

Frankenmuth receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. The company is known as a long-term insurance company and some clients have used them for decades. Frankenmuth receives positive reviews by clients for their customer service and fast payouts. The few negative reviews claim that their cost is a bit higher than other insurance companies. Most clients have had positive experiences with claims, even when making multiple claims.

The few negative reviews for Frankenmuth are by customers who had their deductibles waived by the company upon making claims, the company is adamant about covering only coverage they list on their policy plans. A client who had his car hit by a deer had his deductible waivered because the company didn’t cover animal damages. Some home insurance clients say they were dropped from the company after they made a few claims. Generally, Frankenmuth is deemed reliable, but clients have to make sure they’ve purchased the policies they need or they may not have enough coverage. 

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