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Home Insurance in Gulf County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Gulf County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Florida home in Port St. Joe located in Gulf County. Source: Coastal Realty Group

Gulf County, which is located on the Gulf Coast, sits along the middle of the Florida Panhandle’s shoreline. The county has one of the lowest populations among all of Florida, with only 13,639 residents as of 2018. Gulf County has a relatively high median household income compared to its neighboring counties, which was $44,291 in 2018, according to the US Census Bureau.

Gulf County’s beach towns along the Gulf Coast feature highly popular tourist destinations that can become especially crowded during spring break and the summer months. The high traffic is accompanied by a relatively high crime rate compared to that of other counties in the panhandle, but the beaches offer waves perfect for watersports, which is a huge economic boost each tourist season.

Population Centers in Gulf County

Gulf County’s largest cities are Port St. Joe and Wewahitchka, which have roughly 3,500 and 1,500 residents, respectively. Port St. Joe sits along St. Joseph Bay, which joins the Gulf of Mexico, while Wewahitchka is a landlocked city on the northeastern end of the county.

The median home value in Gulf County, which is $150,300, is for owner-occupied homes from 2014-2018 based on the US Census’ reports. This is due both to the popularity of beachfront property among tourists and an ongoing housing shortage, which is among the many continuing impacts of damage from 2018’s Hurrican Michael.

Home Insurance Premiums in Gulf County

As you can see in the table below the overall average home insurance premium for the county is $2,316, which was compiled using data from Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation. Average home insurance premiums in recent years can be dramatically reduced for homes that have wind mitigation

Average Homeowners Premiums in Gulf County

Construction TypeHome ValueAverage Premium
Overall Average$2,316.14
Pre-2001 (No Wind Mitigation)$150,000$2,863.44
Pre-2001 (With Wind Mitigation)$150,000$1,486.44
New Construction$300,000$2,598.52

Make sure to shop around for multiple quotes so that you can get the best home insurance in Florida. As you see in the list below, the low-end of the home insurance premiums can be hundreds of dollars cheaper in Gulf County, so finding out what prices different insurance companies are willing to offer is definitely worthwhile.

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 without wind mitigation, the average premium is $2,863.

Find cheaper-than-average premiums with these companies:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction Without Wind Mitigation Rate in Gulf County

CompanyAnnual Premium
Security First$1,675
Tower Hill Prime$1,923
First Protective$2,042
Tower Hill Signature$2,505
Castle Key$2,515
Florida Peninsula$2,577
People's Trust$2,609
Tower Hill Preferred$2,635
Southern Fidelity$2,725
Florida Family$2,727
Tower Hill Select$2,793
American Traditions$2,837
First Community$2,852
Family Security$2,956
State Farm Florida$2,977
American Integrity$3,216
Florida Farm Bureau$3,319
Auto Club of Florida$3,531
St. Johns$3,691
Liberty Mutual$3,751
Southern Oak$5,032

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 with wind mitigation, the average premium is $1,486.

Find cheaper-than-average premiums with these companies:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction With Wind Mitigation Rate in Gulf County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$882
Tower Hill Prime$1,032
Florida Farm Bureau$1,125
Security First$1,207
People's Trust$1,265
Tower Hill Select$1,278
Tower Hill Signature$1,329
St. Johns$1,357
Tower Hill Preferred$1,375
First Community$1,427
American Traditions$1,502
American Integrity$1,523
Family Security$1,604
Florida Family$1,612
Florida Peninsula$1,674
Castle Key$1,682
Auto Club of Florida$1,863
Southern Fidelity$1,918
Southern Oak$2,046
State Farm Florida$2,054
Liberty Mutual$2,611

For $300,000 Homes with new construction, the average premium is $2,599.

Find cheaper-than-average premiums with these companies:

  • Stillwater – $1,393
  • First Protective – $1,747
  • FedNat – $1,928
  • Tower Hill Prime – $1,994

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $300,000, New Construction in Gulf County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$1,747
Tower Hill Prime$1,994
Southern Oak$1,998
Security First$2,085
Tower Hill Select$2,087
Florida Farm Bureau$2,126
People's Trust$2,301
St. Johns$2,349
American Traditions$2,401
Tower Hill Preferred$2,464
Castle Key$2,480
Tower Hill Signature$2,501
Family Security$2,618
American Integrity$2,751
First Community$2,775
Florida Peninsula$2,786
Auto Club of Florida$2,908
Florida Family$2,943
State Farm Florida$3,580
Southern Fidelity$3,812
Liberty Mutual$5,144

Flood Insurance in Gulf County

Homes in Gulf County have a high risk of flooding each year due to hurricane season. Since home insurance won’t cover water damage fro floods, you’ll have to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. 

As Gulf County is in a region of the country that the federal government has assessed as high-risk for flooding, residents are eligible for affordable food insurance policies offered by the government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through regional companies such as FedNat and First Protective.

You can purchase both your standard home and flood insurance from these companies, however, homeowners with properties worth over $250,000 will need to get additional flood insurance coverage through a private policy, since that exceeds the upper limit of NFIP policies, which is something you should keep in mind when comparison shopping for insurance.

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