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Homeowners Of America Insurance Company (HOAIC) Review

Founded by Spencer Tucker in 2005, Homeowners of America Insurance Company (HOAIC) focuses entirely on home insurance, providing a wide variety of policy types. Their first home insurance policy was written in Texas, although the company was founded in Delaware. By 2012, they're one of the largest home insurance companies in Texas

As the years go by, their company became more known and they started to expand their services to nearby states, such as Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia

If you're looking for a home insurance policy with a coverage limit over $200,000 and additional coverage for your pets, this company might be one of your best choices. However, they only offer policies to the 5 states mentioned above. 

The Truth

HOAIC offers affordable home insurance premiums but they only offer these policies to five states, including Texas, Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, and Virginia. They also have restricted discounts and weak endorsement options. Yes, they might be affordable but if you're looking for comprehensive coverage, more home insurance discounts, and not living on the 5 states above, this company might not be right for you. 

The Claim

Homeowners of America claim that they offer comprehensive protection for their customers' homes. They also claim that they're a trusted, dependable, and customer-focused company. 

Is their claim true? 

Home insurance is likely the largest purchase you'll ever make since it's meant to protect you and your home from damages and losses. Since HOAIC is still a relatively new company in the industry and there are indications that they are dropping customers after filing a claim, its reliability is still questionable. 

They provide great rates but they only cover home insurance basics, which means additional endorsement options are only limited. However, they offer insurance coverage for pets, which isn't available in most home insurance companies. They don't offer online quotes for their customers; however, prospective policyholders can receive quotes directly through the company's website if they are living in Texas. These means that their claims are still unproven. 

This company is still young and it might not be an unproven insurance company, compared to Farmers and State Farm who are both serving home insurance policies for around 100 years already. Looking for a more reputable company and researching your options thoroughly is the best way to get the best home insurance company for you. 

HOAIC's Insurance Products

The company offers a standard set of coverage with its home insurance policies. It includes:

In this standard set of coverage, they offer various endorsements, including:

Full Animal Liability

Covers the entire cost of injuries that your pet may cause to others. If you're worried about your pet biting other people, full animal liability is a good choice. However, animals with the previous record of bites are not included in the coverage. Pit bulls and rottweilers are not included in this coverage.

Increased Replacement Cost

Provides coverage in the rise of construction costs after a loss, such as an increased cost of labor or materials. It is capped at 25% of your dwelling coverage limit. To qualify, you must be insured at 100% replacement cost

Increased Jewelry, Furs, and Watches

Covers up to $5,000 of your valuables on top of your coverage in the event of a covered loss. Depending on the value items, it might only cover one or two mid-range items, unlike what other companies offer. 

Identity Theft

Provides policyholders with up to $15,000 in reimbursements for applicable expenses, such as legal fees. $100 deductible will be applied before reimbursements are made. 

HOAIC' Insurance Discounts

The availability of the discounts they offer depends on the state where you live. Here are the discounts they offer:

  • Advanced Shopper Discount. You will receive a quote at least one day before the effective date of the policy you signed-up for. This is only available in Texas.
  • Hail Resistant Roof. If your home's roof meets certain company standards, discount will be automatically applied in your premium. This is only available in Texas.
  • New Purchase. If you purchase your insurance policy on the same date you bought your home, you will have a discount. Not available in Georgia.
  • Fire Department Tax Credit. If you live in the cities of Fountain Hills or Carefree, you will receive a 1.35% discount. Available in Arizona only. 
  • New Roof Discount. Save 15% if your home's roof is less than 2 years old. Available in Virginia and Texas only. 
  • Security Features Discount. Get discounts if you install burglar alarms and security systems inside your home. Available on all 5 states. 

HOAIC's Ratings

In the Clearsurance website, only 4 people gave a review of HOAIC's services and all of them gave the company a positive review. They said that the provider’s staff and the company itself are both efficient and nice. However, these reviews aren't enough proof of the company's reputation as customer reviews from other websites are largely negative. Homeowners should still research their options thoroughly to get the best company for their needs.

They are not included in the annual J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Rankings and the A.M. Best Rating. 

The Pros and Cons of HOAIC

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of HOAIC to help you know if they’re the right fit for you. 


  • Affordable home insurance premiums

  • Has insurance coverage for pets


  • Available in only 5 states

  • Offers limited endorsements 

  • Discounts depend on which state you live

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