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Home Insurance in Jackson County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Jackson County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Jackson County, FL: Companies & Premiums
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Jackson County, which is largely made up of rural farming communities, is located in the middle of the Florida Panhandle directly on the state’s border with Alabama. The county, which has 46,414 residents as of 2019, has a median household income that’s significantly lower than the national and state equivalent, as $39,002 as of 2018, according to the US Census Bureau.

Population Centers in Jackson

Although the county is largely farmland, Jackson County’s economy features several intersections with the transportation industry. Several airports are located in the county, but Jackson County’s largest airport is Marianna Municipal Airport. The county also has two railways, the Lousiville and Nashville Railroad and the Bay Line Railroad, although both have significantly declined in use over the years

In addition to Marianna, Jackson County’s other largest cities are Graceville and Jacob City. Mariana and Graceville are significantly largest by far, and both have thousands of residents compared to Jacob City’s hundreds. As a result of its sparse population, Jackson County has among the lower property values in the state, with a median home value of $98,800 for owner-occupied homes from 2014-2018, referring back to the US Census for this data.

Home Insurance Premiums in Jackson County

If you’re on the market for a home in Jackson County, you’ll need to know what type of construction the homes you’re considering have. Since homes here need to make it through hurricane season each year, homeowners whose houses have wind mitigation can often be quoted lower premiums.

As the following table shows, on average, pre-2001 homes with mitigation have had average premiums that are roughly $500 cheaper compared to the premiums for those without those features.

Average Homeowners Premiums in Jackson County

Construction TypeHome ValueAverage Premium
Overall Average$1,675.88
Pre-2001 (No Wind Mitigation)$150,000$1,734.00
Pre-2001 (With Wind Mitigation)$150,000$1,258.41
New Construction$300,000$2,035.22

We collected the averages for Jackson County using the data from Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation revealing an overall homeowners average premium of $1,676. In addition to shopping for homes with wind mitigation (or adding those features after the fact), another way you can save money on your annual premium is to comparison shop between the insurance companies that operate in Jackson County. 

Making sure to compare what insurance companies are offering in your area can net you big savings on homeowners insurance in Florida. Based on this data form the state government databases, the lowest premiums in Jackson County can easily be $200 to $800 below the county averages depending on the type of house in question. 

In recent years, listed below are the companies that have had the lower-than-average premiums for home insurance policies.

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 without wind mitigation, the average premium is $1,734.

For cheaper options, check out the insurers below:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction Without Wind Mitigation Rate in Jackson County

CompanyAnnual Premium
Florida Peninsula$1,091
Security First$1,227
First Protective$1,235
Tower Hill Prime$1,286
Tower Hill Signature$1,473
Southern Fidelity$1,478
Florida Farm Bureau$1,487
Family Security$1,505
American Integrity$1,629
People's Trust$1,643
Tower Hill Preferred$1,702
First Community$1,710
Liberty Mutual$1,813
Tower Hill Select$1,838
Castle Key$1,918
St. Johns$1,937
American Traditions$1,998
Auto Club of Florida$2,165
Southern Oak$2,292
State Farm Florida$2,574
Florida Family$2,577

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 with wind mitigation, the average premium is $1,258.

For cheaper options, check out the insurers below:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction With Wind Mitigation Rate in Jackson County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$743
Florida Farm Bureau$798
Florida Peninsula$867
Tower Hill Prime$885
Security First$1,075
People's Trust$1,148
Southern Fidelity$1,157
St. Johns$1,159
Tower Hill Preferred$1,167
Tower Hill Signature$1,186
American Integrity$1,243
Family Security$1,250
Tower Hill Select$1,280
First Community$1,325
Liberty Mutual$1,372
American Traditions$1,565
Castle Key$1,575
Auto Club of Florida$1,614
Southern Oak$1,627
Florida Family$1,876
State Farm Florida$2,211

For $300,000 Homes with new construction, the average premium is $2,035.

For cheaper options, check out the insurers below:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $300,000, New Construction in Jackson County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$1,341
Florida Peninsula$1,382
Security First$1,449
Florida Farm Bureau$1,474
Tower Hill Prime$1,663
People's Trust$1,701
Family Security$1,740
American Integrity$1,765
St. Johns$1,837
Tower Hill Select$2,008
Tower Hill Preferred$2,036
First Community$2,076
American Traditions$2,088
Tower Hill Signature$2,136
Southern Oak$2,182
Southern Fidelity$2,257
Auto Club of Florida$2,263
Castle Key$2,284
Liberty Mutual$2,786
Florida Family$3,300
State Farm Florida$3,712

Flood Insurance in Jackson County

Due to the storms that hit Jackson County and the surrounding area each year during hurricane season, residents will need to also purchase flood insurance to supplement the coverage their standard home insurance policy offers (which generally excludes water damage from floods).

Because of the region’s high risk of flooding each year, the federal government makes affordable flood insurance policies available to homeowners in Jackson County through its National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Local insurance companies, such as FedNat and First Protective, will underwrite NFIP policies, so you can easily purchase and manage both policies, your standard home insurance policy and your flood insurance policy, through a single plan.

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