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Little Rock, AR Home Insurance Rates

Are you looking for homeowners insurance for your house in Little Rock, AR? Our study had found that you can expect to pay around $121.88 per month or $1462.56 annually for your Little Rock home insurance coverage. In this article, we will also take a look at how your quotes might differ depending on company you pick and area that you live in.

Little Rock, AR Homeowners Insurance Overview

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas, and it is located in the south bank of the river Arkansas River of Central Arkansas. You will find the western part of the city at the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains. The Lake Maumelle and Pinnacle Mountain are the Northwest city limits.

The thing about living in the United States is that no matter which part of the country, you are bound to deal with at least one or two types of severe weather events or natural disasters. Avoid making the mistake of thinking your house is adequately covered because if you are like any average American, you are likely to have fewer homeowners insurance than your property needs.

Little Rock is no stranger to natural disasters like thunderstorms happening any time of the year, with torrential rainfall, tornadoes, hail and thunderstorm winds that can damage a lot. All these can rack up damages and claims that can cost a lot without a secure homeowners insurance cover.

Study of Home Insurance Rates in Little Rock, AR

Our study has found that the average premium for Little Rock, AR homeowners insurance is at $121.88. This is slightly lower than the average premium of Arkansas which is at $123.23 according to our study. We got rates from State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Farm Bureau for 5 different zip codes in the city. The Farm Bureau turned out to be the cheapest homeowners insurance provider with an average rate of just $86. State Farm got an average monthly rate of $174.25 and Liberty Mutual averaged at $105.40 per month. Thus our study has found that Farm Bureau Insurance has much lower average rates. It is important to note that State Farm offers a big 35% discount for consumers that sign up for auto insurance as well as homeowners coverage.

Little Rock, AR Homeowners Insurance Monthly Premiums

Zip CodeState FarmLiberty MutualFarm Bureau InsuranceZip Code Average
Company Average$174.25$105.40$86.00Little Rock Average: $121.88

The methodology of this study included getting our quotes for houses with 1500 sq ft built in the year 2000 with two full bathrooms. We have estimated the home value at $150,000. This is assuming the roof was replaced in the year 2015. For Little Rock, we have used 5 most populated zip codes which include 72204, 72205, 72206, 72209 and 72211.

Little Rock Statistics

Little Rock City, Arkansas has an estimated population of 198,606 as of census July 1, 2017. Owner-occupied housing units are 56.1%, and its median value is $154,700. Owner costs with a mortgage are $1243 and without a mortgage is $436. The median gross rent is $803.

The average family income in Little Rock City is at a median of $46,578. The per capita income in the last 12 months in the year 2016 was recorded to be at $30,678. As for the crime rates, it is not mentioned.


While we all want our houses covered during any unforeseen disasters, finding the cheapest is also a priority. The key is to strike a balance between affordable and quality. You can save money by using the same homeowner insurance company for different policies. Your deductibles will increase the more you are able to pay out of your pocket. Keep a good credit score so that your insurance company will accept you after seeing your financial stability. Remember that even the homeowner’s insurance company will monitor you before accepting you as a client. Always look for discounts because it will help you save more money.

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