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Madison AL Home Insurance Rates

Your house stores all your belongings, be it the tangible ones or the intangible ones in the form of memories. Hence, you need to take protection measures so that your haven is not affected by any sort of criminal or natural threats. This protection means getting your home insured.

Homeowners Insurance Premiums in Madison

The premiums home insurance companies charge in Madison AL can vary graeatly. We compared three of the leading companies here: State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Travelers. We have collected their quotes for 1500 sq. ft. houses built in 2000 that have two bathrooms and a value of $150,000 and whose roofs have been replaced in 2015. We only got quotes for 1 zip code since it is a small city.

The study of these quotes shows that Travelers charges the least insurance premium at $110. The second cheapest company is Liberty Mutual to charge a premium of $125, while State Farm is the most expensive insurance company with a premium of $173.91.

The average insurance premium in Madison is $136.3, which is relatively cheaper than $144.95, the average home insurance premium in AL.

Zip CodeState FarmLiberty MutualTravelersMadison Average Monthly Premium


The city is situated in Madison County toward the northern border of Alabama and extends into Limestone County to the west. The city is a part of the Huntsville Metropolitan Area, which is the second-largest in Alabama. According to the 2017 census, the population of the city is 48,861. Huntsville borders Madison in all directions. The total area of the city is 30.45 square miles, 30.32 square miles of which is land and 0.13 square miles is water.


July is the hottest month of the city with a temperature of around 90°F, whereas January is the coldest with a temperature of around 30°F. Madison has an average of 57” rainfall per year, and the snow is recorded to be 2” on average per year.

Other than the normal temperature, some extreme weathers and natural disasters have been encountered in the city like severe thunderstorms, flooding, tornados, landslides and earthquakes.

Major fires, civil disturbances, energy shortages, and hazmat incidents have also been recorded in the city. Hence, to save your investment in your house, it is suggested to get insurance.

City Statistics

The total number of houses in Madison City is 157,000. The total percentage of houses that are occupied by their owners make up about 70.3%. The median income of a household is $92,197, while the median value of a home is $239,400, which is quite higher as compared to the other cities of Alabama.

The crime rate of Madison is also very high as every 1909 out of 100,000 people are a victim of property crime in the city. Now, it is in your hand whether you want to be a part of that statistic or you secure your property with the help of homeowners insurance.

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