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Main Street America Home Insurance Review

Main Street America Home Insurance Review

Main Street America Home Insurance Review

Main Street America Group is a Florida-based insurance company that provides financial, automotive and real estate insurance policies to individuals and businesses across the United States. Main Street America is one of the largest insurance groups in the U.S., the company focus is on providing insurance to residents of small towns in America while also offering business coverage for small business enterprises.

Company Overview

Main Street America is one of the oldest insurance companies in the country, Main Street America was founded in 1923, back then the company went under the name “National Grange Mutual Insurance Company” and operated out of New Hampshire. The name “National Grange Mutual Insurance” was dropped after the company renamed to “NGM Insurance Company” and then “Main Street Holdings Corporation” was formed as a branch of that company. The company’s first expansion was to contingent New England states of Vermont and Maine. Main Street America expanded to neighboring states and currently writes policies in 36 states; while their financial surety bonds are sold in 45 states including Washington D.C.

Main Street America relocated from the state of New Hampshire down to Florida where they opened their main headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. Main Street America does not sell their policies directly – albeit clients can inquire on their website to get a quote. Main Street America has a network of independent agents who sell their insurance in 36 states. Agents sell policies and provide clients with personal and commercial insurance policies. Main Street America is located in Jacksonville, FL.

Main Street America home insurance policies are available for the following:

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium unit owners
  • Renters/tenants
  • Landlords

Financial Ratings

Main Street America is a financially mature company. The company is part of the Better Business Bureau, one of the largest financial institutions that rate insurance companies based on their financial stability and customer complaint ratio. The BBB currently awards Main Street America an A+ – Excellent rating for financial stability. Main Street America was also rated by A.M. Best, arguably the largest financial institution that analyzes insurance company’s finances – A.M. Best currently awards Main Street an A – Excellent rating for financial stability.

HO-3 Plan

Main Street America’s main HO-3 plan provides coverage for the home that includes the main dwelling, side structures, personal belongings, loss of use liability, personal lawsuit liability and medical payments. Clients can optionally upgrade their coverage or insure high-value items on their property. Main Street’s HO-3 plan provides coverage for the following:

  • Main residence. This includes the home and attached structures such as the garage and front porch. Main Street allocates the highest coverage for the home % wise, but clients can optionally increase their coverage. This protects the home against most common perils: fire, earthquakes, floods, falling objects, home invasions, vandalism, and more.
  • Side structures. All side structures that are located on a client’s property are insured – this covers side structures such as visitor’s homes, garages, sheds, barns, workshops, and more. Clients can optionally increase their coverage on a side structure if it contains more valuables. 
  • Personal belongings. All belongings in the house (with the exception of high-value belongings) are insured. This covers furniture, clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances, AC units, phones, and more. Clients can optionally increase their coverage on a personal belonging if it’s high-value. 
  • Living expenses. If a client has to move out of their house while repairs are carried out, the company bears all living expenses. This includes hotel stay, food, bills, and more. 
  • Legal liability. If a client causes damage to a neighbor’s property (ex. a tree falls over and damages their car or house) and they end up suing the client, this policy will cover the client for their settlement fees and legal expenses. 
  • Medical liability. If a client is injured on their property, the company will bear all medical expenses incurred. The coverage extends to the client’s family and guests. 

Add-Ons (Optional)

Clients can optionally increase their level of coverage or purchase policies which can be added to their main HO-3 plan. The following add-ons are available:

  • Homeowners Elite Program. The “Elite” program is a premium offering that provides coverage for high-value items inside the house such as watches, designer clothes, artwork, rugs, antiques and more. The Elite program is a premium upgrade for high-value homes – it provides the same coverage as the standard HO-3 plan with added protection for valuables. 
  • Home System Protection. This program protects the client’s hardware from breaking down. It includes protection for electronics and appliances – Main Street can deploy a repair team in order to repair broken hardware on site. 
  • Infrastructure Damage. If any of the client’s underground or overground pipes and wiring are damaged, Main Street will provide coverage for the contractor in order to restore the vital infrastructure. 
  • Cyber Protection. If a client’s home is subject to data breaches, fraud attempts and ransomware, this will provide additional cybersecurity for their whole network. 
  • Identity Theft. If a client’s identity is stolen and used for malicious purposes, the company will deploy an agent in order to clear out their credit history and compensate them for the financial losses. 

Customer Reviews

Main Street America receives mostly positive reviews and a few negative ones. Main Street’s customer service receives praise for friendliness and efficiency. Clients say they had a great experience dealing with their agents even while making claims. Clients say they are easy to reach and pay quickly once evidence is provided. Some clients praise their online payment options as they don’t have to receive bills in the mail. 

Negative reviews of Main Street America are by clients who had their premiums increase. Some say the company kept increasing the value of their home in order to increase their premiums for home insurance. Some clients said Main Street over-investigates properties and tries to get out of paying claims. The company appears to pay clients on time but their premiums are subject to increases and sometimes their agents try to save money by undercutting the customer’s claims.

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