MAPFRE Insurance Homeowners Review

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MAPFRE Insurance Homeowners Review

MAPFRE Insurance was founded in 1972 in Webster, Massachusetts, where it originated as The Commerce Group. They have grown within Massachusetts to where they are the largest provider of homeowners insurance as well as private and commercial auto insurance. They provide upwards of over 4,000 independent agents/brokers who cover 19 states offering property and casualty plans.

MAPFRE provides a full line of insurance-related products for their policyholders including:

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  • Motorcycles
  • Watercraft
  • Businesses
  • Home
  • Auto

They are part of the MAPFRE Group which holds a global presence and ranked with the ‘500 Best and Most Admired Companies in the World’ for 2011.

Home Insurance Coverage

MAPFRE offers many homeowners coverage options in order to protect your home, property, and the contents. They have special endorsements for a variety of different home types, e.g. restorationist for antique-type homes or options for higher-value homes.


  • Storms
  • Lightning and fires
  • Equipment or structural failures
  • Falling objects
  • Theft and vandalism

Standard Home Insurance Coverage

  • Replace/repair reimbursement
  • Personal liability
  • Personal property protection
  • High-value belongings coverage to include things like art, jewelry, furs
  • Protection for home systems/service line
  • Other structure’s coverage
  • Reimbursed living expenses


MAPFRE offers endorsements to enhance the standard plan so that you’re covered for everything that you may need.

  • Water/sewer backed up
  • Home content replacement cost reimbursement
  • Credit card/counterfeit money and forgery protection
  • Increased limit for medical payments and personal liability payout
  • Personal liability injury protection
  • Increased limits on specific personal possessions like silverware, furs, jewelry
  • Special personal property plan for many perils that may affect your home contents
  • Earthquake coverage

MAPFRE offers multiple benefits for their policyholders such as IT Help Desk whom they may contact any time for various electronic assistance inquiries from cell phone to computer.

The protection program for the Home System offers assistance and repair for equipment that is critical for the home, e.g. central vacuum, air conditioning. They also have a Home Repair offering which uses a grouping of professionals to do home repairs efficiently and quickly with a guaranteed end result.

Renters Insurance

MAPFRE provides rental insurance in order to cover your personal property and provide you with personal liability reimbursement so you’re protected against devastations including theft, fire, vandalism, smoke, injury to a guest, etc. Some people don’t see the need to buy renters insurance because they don’t own the property, but they fail to see the value in the items that the property holds and the liability that they face should someone be hurt while in their presence during their rental term.


Condo associations generally carry insurance to cover the actual structures but it’s important to carry coverage for your personal contents as well as liability protection.   


The strength of an insurer’s financial stability rating shows its ability to reimburse contracts and policies. It’s smart to check an insurance company’s rating prior to buying a plan with them. For MAPFRE, the Better Business Bureau rated them as an A+ and they have been accredited since 2016. As far as their financial stability, they were given a rating of A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.


  • Multi-policy
  • Enroll in EFT payment option for a discount of 3% off premiums

Quotes and Claims

MAPFRE only offers online quoting for auto and life insurance coverage. Otherwise, you would need to get in contact with an agent to find out about homeowners insurance quotes.

Online claims filing is the quickest and simplest option for property insurance claims. The other available options include contacting the agent or MAPFRE directly. For homeowner claims, the property claim department is readily available on toll-free 877 224 5677. This number is shown on the claims page.

When you have a loss, the process will start with the filing of the claim followed by the adjuster’s appraisal. It’s not clear how long the process should take or how quickly you should expect to receive remittance.


In looking over the reviews with Clearsurance, MAPFRE is boasted as being a great company to work with. Many said that the company is amazing and offered good coverage with competitive pricing. They felt that MAPFRE is super easy to work with, and they received great claim experiences.

Customer service representatives who took initial claims were described as friendly and knowledgeable keeping up with the clients throughout the whole claims process. Policyholders felt adjusters were timely and made the claims process painless. They made dealing with difficult situations easier. The clients’ overall consensus was that MAPFRE is solid, very pleased with the service, no issues when needing to submit claims. The only negative was they need to update their website. 

MAPFRE is part of a global company, but they boast that they want to keep their relationship with their policyholders on a more small-town level so that each person is dealt with efficiently and effectively. 

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