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Homeowners Insurance In Marietta, Georgia

Homeowners Insurance In Marietta, Georgia

Homeowners Insurance In Marietta, Georgia
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park in Marietta by Eric Deeran via Unsplash

The quiet and small city of Marietta is a great place to start a family. The place has solid school performance, plenty of support for youth sports, and within the vicinity of Atlanta. Finding the best homes in Marietta also means getting to know the best homeowners insurance available. 

With a population of 60,806 in 2018, Marietta, Georgia is considered one of the best-managed cities in the state. In fact, it has numerously been recognized nationally for having a high quality of life for its residents. Marietta is located about 20 miles northwest of busy Atlanta. It is also the county seat of Cobb County. Due to its proximity to Atlanta, the city is able to enjoy growth since it was established as a railroad hub in the 1800s. Marietta enjoys mild winters which makes it a great place for various outdoor activities. Summers can be hot but there are several ways to cool off including enjoying a dip at the Sewell Pool Park. 

Marietta also enjoys a well-performing school system offering students a choice of excellent schools specializing in different areas like STEM. Marietta is the only city in the entire Cobb County which operates its own school system. It is also home to a number of college campus including Southern Polytechnic State University and the Chattahoochee Technical College (Marietta campus). 

When it comes to healthcare, Marietta is also home to a number of healthcare facilities including the WellStar Kennestone Hospital. 

Demographics in Marietta

  • Population: 60, 806
  • Households: 23,677
  • Owner-Occupied: 40.2%
  • Person Per Household: 2.43
  • Average Family Size: 3.05
  • Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units: $242,600
  • Median Household Income: $50,963
  • Total housing units: 57,437

Average Homeowners Insurance Costs In Georgia

The beautiful state of Georgia is one of the best places if you are on the lookout for affordable homeowners insurance. Georgia ranks 20th among the cost of homeowners insurance policies in the United States which meant you will likely find a good value for your money in this state. The average cost of homeowners insurance in Georgia is $1,200.

Home Insurance Companies in Marietta

You can find a number of affordable homeowners insurance in Marietta. It is crucial that you know what you are looking for and the type of coverage that you want. To give you a brief check on the typical homeowners insurance in Georgia, here are the updated rates for homes valued at $200,000.

Company$1000 Deductible
American Family $584
American Modern$1080.02
American National$721
Georgia Farm$856
First Protective$894
Old Dominion$788
State Farm$1798

In this data, you can easily see that American Family offers the most affordable homeowners insurance at $584. Other affordable choices are AIG and American National. 

Identifying Hazards

The entire state of Georgia is exposed to a range of hazards that you should also know about. Understanding the hazards will help you focus on the insurance coverage that you will actually need. Marietta is no different when it comes to the possibility of urban flooding even if there are limited river systems nearby. Georgia is the 7th rainiest state in the country which makes it vulnerable to sudden floods and homes may be exposed to various water damage. Make sure to review your insurance policy if it includes flood or water damage protection as basement flooding and roof leaks may be a common occurrence. 

Other natural hazards that you should know about include urban flood, extreme heat, tornadoes, and landslides. These disasters can cause significant damage so make sure you are completely protected. 

Theft and Burglary Cases

Marietta has a considerable number of theft and burglary cases that you should be wary of. It has a higher number of reported cases than the national average, at 2,757.7 theft and 530.4 burglaries in 2018. So if you have valuables kept in your home, you can guarantee its safety by adding specific insurance coverage. 

Living in Marietta, Georgia is a good choice if you want to avoid the usual busy and fast-paced lifestyle of Atlanta. At just 20 miles away you can easily take Interstate 287 or 75 to get to the heart of Atlanta in as little as 30 minutes. Still, it offers an affordable cost of living which makes it an ideal destination especially if you are looking for a good place to start and raise a family. 

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