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NLC Insurance Homeowners Review

NLC Insurance Homeowners Review

NLC Insurance Homeowners Review

Businessmen in Norwich, Connecticut, formed New London County Mutual Insurance in 1840 in order to insure local farms, homes, and public buildings, most of which were in the rural areas. In 1958,  homeowners insurance became a major focus for the company in Connecticut and they began operating throughout Southern New England areas. In 1985, NLC took their direction into personal auto insurance which made up 12% of the company’s business and in 1990 a commercial package was introduced.

Using independent agents, NLC covers Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, where they sell their insurance plans. They were given a broader reach, however, when they became affiliated with the Hingham Group which brought four property/casualty companies (NLC, Thames, Hingham, and Danbury) together under the NLC president and the NLC management group.  

Homeowners Coverage

NLC writes varying home policies for clients in the three states that they offer plans for. 

Standard homeowners coverage

  • Dwelling – Basic homeowners coverage is provided for the house that is owned by the insured. There are not many specific details offered on the website.
  • Other structures – The other structures on the property are covered at up to 10% of the amount of coverage that you opt for on the main dwelling, e.g. detached garage, storage shed, playhouse, swimming pool. You can purchase additional coverage if needed.
  • Personal property – Contents of the insured are reimbursed at up to 50% of the amount of coverage that you opt for on the dwelling. The items that will be covered include personal possessions, the house furniture, equipment to be used to take care of the residence.
  • Loss of use – In the instance that the house has been rendered uninhabitable and the insured is displaced then loss of use reimburses up to 20% of the amount of coverage that you have opted for on the house for the insured’s extra costs which may include the need to stay in a motel, meal costs, etc.
  • Personal liability – The plan provides personal liability coverage for the insured if there is an accident or injury to a guest while visiting the insured’s home.

Additional coverage can be purchased by the homeowner as needs require if the standard coverage is not sufficient.

  • Replacement – It is possible to have your contents covered for replacement value cost without the need for a deduction based on depreciation.
  • Guarantee – There is an option for guaranteed replacement cost which will reimburse you for the amount to rebuild a building that has been destroyed even if the amount goes above the coverage amount upwards of an additional 50%.
  • Protection plus – This plan provides additional coverage to your standard plan with a price that is lower than purchasing individual options.
  • Business – NLC provides coverage for conducting certain types of business out of your home.
  • Identity theft – Fraud specials who are highly experienced are brought in to assist with resolving the claim for you with this coverage.


  • Personal property
  • Loss of use
  • Personal liability


  • Additions and alterations – Coverage includes any improvement or changes that the condo owner decides to make to the interior of the building of the condo. The plan allows $1,000 of reimbursement but there are additional limits available for higher premiums.
  • Loss of use
  • Personal liability

NLCs condo policyholder can opt to purchase additional coverage that will better satisfy their personal needs as with the standard homeowners plan.

  • Replacement cost contents
  • Protection plus
  • Business coverage


Policyholders with higher-valued possessions or who may need to insure a list of specific items can do so on a case-by-case basis with an individual limit assigned to each item. Belongings in the following classes can be listed and insured on a policyholder’s plan.

  • Furs
  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Fine art
  • Cameras
  • Bicycles
  • Musical instruments (nonprofessional use)
  • Coins
  • Golf equipment

There is a similar coverage available for computers not including laptops. 


  • Higher deductible credit increases for choosing a higher deductible
  • Newer home credit is given to those whose homes are less than 30 years old
  • Central station burglar/fire alarms as well as smoke detectors
  • Homeowners whose property does not require the need to insure structures on the premises other than the actual dwelling


Rates can only be received by contacting an agent directly. There is no way to obtain an online quote. This is no surprise considering how the website is not forthcoming with information for the public. If they want to generate business, their website is not really helping them.


Online claims filing is also not available with NLC. You are able to call them during business hours on their claim phone line and they also offer an after-hours emergency line for emergencies only.


NLC has not been accredited with the Better Business Bureau as yet, but their rating with them is an A. They have been rated with A.M. Best with A- for financial strength.  


The reviews for this company were balanced with a mix of some good and a bit of not so good. There was one person in particular who was very happy that they were willing to insure his very old 1970s home and said they have been pretty good to work with. Yet, on the other hand, there was a woman who found them to be horrible, showing terrible disloyalty to a long-time customer who had a death in the family after which NLC decided to no longer cover her, saying that they weren’t covering homes prior to 1970 anymore. (What about the 1790’s guy?)

Others found them to settle their claims in a timely manner, to have excellent premiums, and superior customer service. Then there were some who found their coverage inadequate and their dealings with them to be ‘one dimensional’.

It’s very difficult to form an opinion based on their website which offers really no insight.

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