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Northern Neck Home Insurance Review

Northern Neck Home Insurance Review

Northern Neck Home Insurance Review

Northern Neck is an insurance company that provides its customers with both home and auto insurance. Based out of Virginia, Northern Neck only services Virginia homeowners remaining as a local insurance company. But where do they stand when it comes to finances and customer service?

Northern Neck overview

The insurance company was founded when members of the local community came together to form a way to protect themselves financially. Their base is the idea of a local small business, and they remain close to that structure still today servicing only Virginia homes and auto accidents. They are based out of Irvington, Virginia.

Originally formed in 1896, they started out as a fire protection association named the Northern Neck Mutual Fire Association, servicing fire-related claims. In 1987, the company changed its name to Northern Neck Insurance and began servicing both home and auto claims throughout the state of Virginia.

Northern Neck is a smaller company with a small area of service as compared to larger nationwide companies. Still, they pride themselves on quality service and quick responses to claims and emergencies. They offer personal liability coverage as well as auto, homeowners, and rural state coverage policies. Along with their base coverage options, Northern Neck offers their clients options of added coverage to extend what their policies covers.

Coverage Options

The insurance policies of Northern Neck must be purchased through an independent insurance agent. These independent insurance agents can be found throughout the state of Virginia and must be qualified as representatives of the company. Northern Neck also offers a rural coverage option for homeowners who have items like tractors, livestock, etc.

Homeowners insurance – As seen with all policy options offered by Northern Neck, not much information can be attained without contacting an agent to get a quote. With this, each policy is different and based on the individual situation. Northern Neck offers a 100% coverage guarantee policy for homes with the options of extra coverage. They offer earthquake and sinkhole coverage as add-ons for your base policy. The more add-ons you have, the higher your premium will become.

Auto Insurance – Northern Neck offers an emergency roadside assistance program where your car will be serviced by a member of the Northern Neck response team. This emergency service is covered in your basic policy requiring no extra cost. You might be covered for up to $75 per incident by this service. Northern Neck also offers a “responsible driver” program which awards safe driving.

Personal Umbrella – Northern Neck offers you a personal umbrella coverage which protects you from any risks that aren’t specified. This might be optional to both homeowners insurance policyholders and auto insurance policyholders. You’ll need to speak with an agent to find out more about your specific situation.

Financial situation – rates and claims

Due to the fact that Northern Neck is an agent-based company only offering insurance through an agent, no rates are offered online. In order to find out specific rates and policy premiums, you will need to pursue a policy yourself. Finding an agent is easy through Northern Neck as they will provide you an online agent locator to get your quote started.

In terms of claims, much of the situation is similar as with rates. The company is agent-based and the policies they offer will be different based on agent and personal situation. Policyholders will be told to direct their claims to their agent either through the website or a toll-free number after hours.

Consumer reviews

Northern Neck has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau ever since 2013 with an A+ rating. Their consumer rating varies from one-star reviews to five-stars. They average about 3.5-stars on most websites with issues ranging from lack of response to denied claims. Typically, each complaint has been responded to accrediting to their customer response time.

Knowing that your insurance company will respond to your online claims can be settling especially in an emergency that requires quick action. Northern Neck rates decently high for a company their size when it comes to consumer reviews.

Pros and cons

Northern Neck has quality consumer reviews and seems to be a rather responsive company who wants to service and help their customers. They pride themselves on customer service with quick claims response and quality help.

They are decently lacking in information about services provided to their customers as each policy can be attained through an independent agent only. To find out more about the rates offered for the policy you will need to contact an agent about attaining a quote.

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