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Opelika, AL Homeowner Insurance Rates

Homeowners insurance is a way to protect one’s house from threats of property crime and natural disasters. It protects not only the building but also the assets present in it. It also has a component named as ‘liability coverage,’ which compensates for accidents happening on the property.

Opelika Alabama

Opelika is a city in Lee County, Alabama and is situated on the east central part of the state. It is on the north central side of the county and shares a border with Auburn on the west. According to the 2017 census, the total population of the city is 30,240.

The city is 812 feet above the sea level and has a total area of 60.57 square miles, out of which the land covers 98.5% and water covers about 1.5%.

Climate in Opelika

The hottest summers in Opelika can reach up to 89°F, and the coldest winters go down to 32°F. Sunny days make up a total of 212 on average, and the average number of days that the city gets precipitation is 74 out of the entire year. 52 inches of rain is recorded on average every year. The Comfort Index for the city is 63 out of 100, which is considerably better than the US average Comfort Index of 54.

Opelika is the one of the most vulnerable cities for floods in USA. Among all other natural disasters, flooding is the second most frequent one. Apart from this, there are high chances of tornados, and the city gets thunderstorm winds every now and then. These types of extreme conditions severely damage houses in the affected area.

Opelika, AL Homeowners Insurance Monthly Rates

According to our study, the average insurance premium charged in Opelika is $140.88, whereas the average insurance premium charged in the Alabama state is $144.95. Hence, insurance premiums are 2.8% cheaper in Opelika.

After comparing different homeowners insurance companies in Opelika, we found out that Travelers charges the least premium at $106 on average per month. On the other hand, State Farm and Liberty Mutual charge $165.63 and $151 respectively.

Zip CodesState Farm
Liberty Mutual
TravelersZip Code Average
Company averages$165.63$151.00$106.00Opelika Average: $140.88

The quotes from these companies were gathered for the zip codes 36801 and 36804. The data has been collected for a 1500 sq. ft. house built in 2000, whose roof has been assumed to be replaced in 2015. This house has two full-sized bathrooms and an estimated value of $150,000.

Demographics of Opelika

Opelika has 11,905 households. The median value of a house is $151,400, and the median income of a household is $44,527.

The crime rate in Opelika is 53% higher than Alabama and 94% higher than national crime rate. The annual property crime incidents in the city amount to 4591 per 100,000 people, which is 55% higher than the state average and 94% higher than the national average. These facts and figures show a very high frequency of crimes in Opelika, so insurance is a must to keep your home secure and danger-free.

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