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Phenix, AL Home Insurance Rates

Homeowners insurance in Alabama has a lot of significance. It not only protects the house from all kinds of criminal and/or natural threats but is also vital for your mortgage. In Alabama, most banks and lenders grant loan only if the house being mortgaged is insured with an equivalent or higher amount as the loan.

Phenix is a city in the Lee and Russell counties in Alabama. It is situated on the west side of the Chattahoochee River and is the easternmost city in the state. It has a total area of 28.1 square miles, 99.6% of which is comprised of land and 0.4% is water. According to BusinessWeek 2007, Phenix has been declared the most affordable American suburb to raise a family.

Climate in Phenix

The climate in the city is subtropical in nature. The summers are hot and humid with the temperature ranging from 62°F to 93°F and lasts for about five months from May to September. The winters are mildly cold with the temperature ranging from 39°F  to 61°F and lasts for about 3 months from December to February. Precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year.

While the weather isn’t too extreme, Phenix is vulnerable to natural disasters, especially earthquakes, tornados and storms.

Phenix Home Insurance Monthly Premiums

The average insurance premium in Phenix is $144.57, which is about the same as the Alabama home insurance average of $144.95.

We also compared the insurance premiums of the top three leading insurance companies in the state, which are State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Travelers. We obtained data for two different zip codes and conducted this research on the basis of a house that is 1500 sq. ft. large, was built in 2000, has two full bathrooms, and is valued at $150,000 and whose roof has been replaced in 2015.

Travelers have consistently been the cheapest one out of all three with an average of $114. Hence, regardless of which area of the city you are in, if you want something cheap, Travelers would be the way to go. The next cheapest insurance company is Liberty Mutual with an average premium of $139.5, while the most expensive one is State Farm, charging an average of $180.21.

Zip CodesState FarmLiberty MutualTravelersZip Code Average
Company averages$180.21$139.50$114.00Phenix City Average: $144.57


Phenix Statistics

According to the 2017 census, the population of Phenix is 36,219, which is an increase from the previous years. Phenix has 17,117 housing units with a median house value of $124,100. 49.9% of the housing units are occupied by owners themselves. The median income of a household is $39,654.

Coming to crime, Phenix has a 32% higher crime rate than the state average. If we specifically talk about property crime, it is 33% higher than the state average. The annual property crime rate is 41.08 per 1000 people, indicating that every 1 out of 24 people is prone to be a property crime victim. Hence, it is suggested to safeguard your house from this threat by insuring it.

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