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Homeowners insurance coverage and food spoilage during power outage

Power Outage Food Spoilage Insurance

Aside from the inconvenience of doing chores without running electricity, one thing certainly does make you wish your power was restored quickly enough – spoiled food on the fridge. When you had some savory ribs or steaks that got spoiled due to a power outage, you can’t help but regret not cooking them before the unfortunate event took place. But whether your home insurance will reimburse you for the spoiled food, all depends on the reason for a power outage, and if they are included on your covered perils.

Generally, homeowners insurance will cover food spoilage if the power outage originated within your property. If your power line is cut by accident, or if a fallen object hits and severs your electric cables, you can have a sigh of relief knowing that your insurer will reimburse you on damages caused by a power outage, including the would-be sumptuous dinner for your family.

When is food spoilage due to power outage not covered by home insurance?

By principle, your insurer covers your home against risks that arise from within your property. If a power outage is due to a busted transformer or damaged transmission lines, your insurance company will likely not cover the food spoiled on the fridge. If it’s a widespread blackout, then it’s something that didn’t happen because of a problem within your home.

But don’t fall yet into thinking that electrical issues that originated within your property assure you of reimbursement for your expensive rib slabs. Negligence had to be ruled out in contrast to proper maintenance. If there was power outage due to a fallen tree that is diseased and has been due for removal, the insurance company will likely invoke that you failed your part in assuring that you get rid of damages that could have been anticipated and prevented. If you’re trimming branches off your tree and accidentally cut the power line, the responsibility is glaringly on your shoulders.

Is it really practical to claim for food spoilage?

Any insurance claim would require payment of the deductible amount. Depending on your policy, your insurer may consider the items on the fridge as personal property or house contents. If this is the case, you are likely to have a deductible amount that is way bigger than the value of your spoiled food. Thus, filing a claim would make no sense at all.

Even if your policy provides for a separate endorsement that applies to spoiled food due to a power outage, you have to keep in mind that the number of claims that you filed can ultimately affect your premium, your policy renewal, and even its cancellation.

Whether it’s practical to file a claim for food spoilage because of power outage all depends on what your policy provides for. Either way, it would have its pros and cons that only you can better understand and consider. If ever you decide on filing one, go through your policy again, and be sure that your wise judgment doesn’t predispose you to more losses in the future!

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