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Homeowners insurance coverage and power surges

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Power Surges?

Imagine that you’re working on your laptop and you have decided to make yourself some smoothie. As you make your smoothie, there was a sudden power surge. As soon as the power is back on, you find that the files on your laptop have been corrupted and your blender is damaged.

You begin to panic. Once you have found your cool, you phone your homeowners insurance company to find out if your insurance coverage protects the destroyed appliances. Find out the most likely answer to your question in the article below.

What is a Power Surge?

A power surge happens when the electrical charge is spiked for a brief period of time that can lead to a boost of electrical current that flows to the power outlet. It can lead to a short loss of electricity, which may result in damage to the appliance that we use.

What causes a Power Surge?

For one, lightning is known to cause an electrical power surge. Lightning is able to instantly increase the electrical voltage, which means that surge protectors couldn’t stop the power surge. This means that you will need to unplug the power source to prevent damage to any appliance. However, a power surge caused by lightning isn’t a common occurrence.

A more likely cause of power surge is the use of a high-powered electrical appliance. The high energy used for these appliances creates a sudden rush demand for power, which tampers with the voltage flow and use. This leads to a power surge, but a surge protector can protect your home and appliances. However, there are also some other possible reasons for power surges, which can lead to a spike in electrical current.

Common Damage caused by Power Surges

As discussed, power surges are sudden and this can cause damage to your appliances. However, the damage may go far beyond than just your personal property.

First, a type of damage that is common during a power surge is the loss or damage to computer files. We are often told to shut down our computer safely to prevent any damage. If a power surge suddenly causes our computer to shut off, it may corrupt the files in the system. However, this type of damage may require an umbrella policy for added protection as electronic files are not commonly protected by your insurance coverage.

When there is a lightning storm, it is best to shut off the computer to prevent this from occurring. Otherwise, a surge protector may protect you from a power surge caused by faulty wiring or a sudden increase in electrical power. Lastly, power surges may even lead to a fire.

How to ensure personal property protection during a power surge?

If your personal property fall victim to a power surge, you must report it to your insurance company. In order to make things easier for your home insurance provider and to speed up your claim application, you must take inventory of all your items beforehand. This will help in replacing your personal property in case of damage during a power surge.

There are instances when your belongings can be protected against a power surge, especially if the power surge is accidental and sudden. However, there are also times when your insurance policy provides for an exception. This is why it is very important to read your policy front and cover to understand the terms and conditions included in the coverage.

Power surges are often protected by our insurance policy due to its sudden nature. However, it is still important to go through your policy coverage to ensure maximum protection.

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