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Prattville, AL Home Insurance Rates

It is not mandatory to get your home insured, but it is definitely a way of securing a place which is not only your shelter but also one you are extremely emotionally attached to. Insuring a home means you have protected it from every sort of threat. If you are living in Prattville, the insurance won’t even cost you a lot. Paying a small amount of money to save yourself from a big loss isn’t a bad deal at all.

Prattville is a city in Autauga and Elmore counties in Alabama. The architect Daniel Pratt found Prattville in 1839. He had bought an area of 1000 acres at a rate of $21 per acre and built manufacturing units and the town along the banks of Autauga Creek. It has now become an industrial center with many manufacturing units. Prattville has a total area of 34.7 square miles, 97.4% of which is comprised of land and 2.6% is water.

Climate in Prattville

Prattville climate consists of hot and long summers and cold and short winters. It is usually raining around the year. The minimum temperature hardly goes below -4°C, and the maximum temperature hardly goes above 36°C.

Due to high precipitation in the city, it is vulnerable to natural disasters like tornados, thunderstorm winds, tropical storms, hurricanes, and ice storms. An insured home will allow you to protect your home from these risks.

Prattville Home Insurance Monthly Costs

We compared homeowners insurance premiums for three major insurance companies in the city: State Farm, Liberty Mutual and Travelers. We obtained quotes for a 1500 sq. ft. house built in 2000 with two full bathrooms. Its value is estimated to be $150,000, and we assumed the roof has been replaced in 2015. We obtained data for 2 different zip codes in the city to make a better comparison.

It is clear from the rates we obtained that Travelers charges less with an average of $100. This is quite low as compared to State Farm (which charges an average of $169.75 as monthly premiums) as well as Liberty Mutual (which charges an average of $133.5 as monthly premiums).

Overall, the average insurance premium you will have to pay in Prattville is $134.42. Compare this to Alabama’s average homeowners insurance premium ($144.95), and you will find that Prattville is a relatively cheap city to get homeowners insurance.

Zip CodesState Farm
Liberty Mutual
Zip Code Average
Company averages$169.75$133.50$100.00Prattville Average:

Prattville Statistics

According to the 2017 census, the population of Prattville is 35,498, which has increased from 33,960 back in 2010. From the 14,680 housing units in the city, 64.9% are occupied by the owners themselves and their median value is $157,900. The average income of a household is $59,167.

The annual property crime rate is 36.06 per 1000 people. Hence, every 1 out of 28 people is prone to be a victim of such a crime. To keep your investment safe, you are advised to get your home and property insured.

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