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PURE Home Insurance Review

PURE Home Insurance Review

PURE Home Insurance Review

PURE Insurance is a provider reserved for the elite. They offer a different set of products and services compared to standard insurance companies that we know of. Despite being an exclusive insurance company, PURE Insurance still opens its doors for responsible clients that carry low-risk. If you wish to know more about this unique insurance membership company, check out the article below.

What Makes PURE Different from Other Providers?

PURE (Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange) has been around for almost 14 years as they began a business in 2006. It is a unique insurance concept that is relatively new in this industry because it is structured much like a mutual insurance firm. Each client is considered a member and their premiums are used to pay for claims. The premiums are pooled together and the profit is divided to the members based on their premiums paid for the year.

PURE doesn’t insure anybody, but they make sure that their target client’s needs are met with the policies and services that they offer. PURE also gives out dividends to their clients, which makes them more similar to a cooperative membership. 

PURE operates differently since they outsource everything, which is why they keep their overhead low. However, this can lead to issues related to the accessibility of the claims team. Moreover, they don’t provide insurance in areas that have a higher risk for a natural disaster.

Home Insurance Services

High-Value Home Insurance

PURE is reserved for the elite type of clients and because of that, the insurance policies that they offer is also a class of its own. This means that their standard home insurance policy is incomparable to the basic home insurance policy of other insurance companies. Here are some of the programs they offer under the high-value home insurance policy:

  • Rebuild, replace, or cash settlement option – Normally, insurance companies give their clients the option to repair and replace the item or property damaged. However, PURE also provides an option for a cash settlement to their clients.
  • Guaranteed replacement cost – High-value homes need this type of coverage since the insurance company is guaranteed to pay the cost of putting back the home. This policy pays for the cost without any limit, which is why it is valuable if it takes a lot of money to bring back the home to its original state.
  • Sewer and drain backup coverage – Water backup coverage is normally just an add-on to the basic homeowners insurance offered by other insurance companies. However, PURE offers it as part of their standard coverage to help recover for the cost incurred while removing water due to an accidental backup.
  • Equipment breakdown protection – Equipment breakdown is common for appliances and the equipment breakdown protection program provides protection in case high-value equipment stops working or breaks down.
  • Preventative actions coverage – With this program, homeowners are allowed to make changes and improvements in their homes in order to avoid a recurring loss from happening. 
  • Extended jewelry protection – Jewelry is expensive and homes with high-value often have a lot of pricier pieces of jewelry. PURE’s standard insurance coverage adds a higher limit to the usual coverage options provided to jewelries.
  • Coverage for damage to a neighbor’s property – If the homeowner decides to play golf inside their property and the ball hits the neighbor’s car, PURE’s coverage will pay for the cost of repair. 
  • Pet medical coverage – Sick pets also take up a lot of costs but PURE includes a program on their policy to pay for the medical expenses incurred to treat our beloved pets.

Risk Management Inspection

As we have mentioned, PURE doesn’t cater to just anyone, which is why they undergo a thorough risk management inspection process. They outsource people to evaluate your home from an arborist evaluation to a generator expert. They have experts that assess the current value of your art collection. If you have personal employees in your home, PURE charges you for each employee, but they conduct a thorough background check on your employee. Moreover, for the safety of their members, PURE has a private firefighting team that helps in fire mitigation.

The Verdict

The exclusivity and uniqueness of PURE Insurance are captivating the market today. If you happen to fit the bill for their ideal members, it is best to grab this opportunity as they are truly a cut above the rest when it comes to providing service for their members. This is especially true if you have a lot of assets and properties that you need to protect. Their organic and consistent growth has proven their reliability even through an evolving market. However, the true edge of this insurance company is the devotion to their client niche.

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