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Home Insurance in Putnam County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Putnam County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Home Insurance in Putnam County, FL: Companies & Premiums

Putnam County is a landlocked area located in northeastern Florida, relatively close to the Atlantic coastline. There are close to 75,000 residents living in Putnam County as of 2019, with many of them living within a multi-county population cluster known as the Palatka Micropolitan Statistical Area, home to just under 73,000 residents.

Living in Putnam

At $35,649, the median household income in Putnam County in 2018 was significantly lower compared to that of the rest of the county (about $61,000). According to Zillow, as of March 2020, the median home value in Putnam County is about $129,000.

Roughly equidistant between many of the largest cities in Florida, including Jacksonville, Gainsville, and Daytona Beach, Putnam County is comprised of moderately sized cities, towns, and unincorporated communities. The county’s largest cities, Palatka, the county seat, and Crescent City, which have about 10,500 and 1,500 residents, respectively. 

Home Insurance Premiums in Putnam County

In Putnam County, FL home insurance expenses are considerably lower than costs for home insurance in coastal counties, with premiums at under $1,000 to $1,400 for homes valued at $150,000. And as the chart below demonstrates, homes that have wind mitigation features have policies with lower premium averages.

This is because southeastern regions that go through the annual hurricane season are vulnerable to damage from wind and water, which factors into how home insurance companies calculate the likelihood of a policyholder making a claim on the property. Adding wind mitigation helps to protect your home from substantial damage. 

These features are standard in new construction but can be a great addition to older construction to help decrease your annual insurance costs.

Average Homeowners Premiums in Putnam County

Construction TypeHome ValueAverage Premium
Overall Average$1,332.15
Pre-2001 (No Wind Mitigation)$150,000$1,391.44
Pre-2001 (With Wind Mitigation)$150,000$989.07
New Construction$300,000$1,615.93

You can also save on insurance by thoroughly comparing quotes from insurance companies in your area before choosing a policy. Each insurance company will have its own way of calculating the quote it offers you, which means that the price you see can vary quite a bit, as the upcoming list shows.

The overall average premium for this county is $1,332. Based on historical data from Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation, homeowners in Putnam County with a home without wind mitigation built before 2001, could potentially save between $400 and $500 by getting a policy quote from companies with the cheapest average premiums in recent years.

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 without wind mitigation, the average premium is $1,391.

Below are cheaper options:

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction Without Wind Mitigation Rate in Putnam County

CompanyAnnual Premium
Tower Hill Prime$954
Florida Peninsula$995
Southern Fidelity$1,076
First Protective$1,104
Florida Farm$1,144
People's Trust$1,153
Tower Hill Signature$1,172
St. Johns$1,249
Tower Hill Preferred$1,254
American Integrity$1,318
American Traditions$1,387
Florida Family$1,443
Tower Hill Select$1,445
Security First$1,495
First Community$1,500
Family Security$1,552
Liberty Mutual$1,566
Southern Oak$1,620
Castle Key$1,714
Auto Club Florida$1,842
State Farm Florida$2,144

For $150,000 homes built before 2001 with wind mitigation, the average premium is $989.

Below are cheaper options:

  • First Protective – $575
  • Universal – $594
  • Florida Farm – $614
  • Tower Hill Prime – $643

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $150,000, Pre-2001 Construction With Wind Mitigation Rate in Putnam County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$575
Florida Farm$614
Tower Hill Prime$643
St. Johns$722
Florida Peninsula$781
People's Trust$802
Southern Fidelity$846
Tower Hill Preferred$855
Tower Hill Signature$903
American Traditions$943
American Integrity$981
Tower Hill Select$1,017
Southern Oak$1,042
Florida Family$1,056
Liberty Mutual$1,066
First Community$1,213
Security First$1,261
Family Security$1,270
Auto Club Florida$1,408
Castle Key$1,455
State Farm Florida$1,758

For $300,000 homes with new construction, the average premium is $1,616.

Below are cheaper options:

  • Stillwater – $897
  • First Protective – $1,074
  • Universal – $1,093
  • Farm Bureau – $1,105

List of Companies & Rates for Home Valued at $300,000, New Construction in Putnam County

CompanyAnnual Premium
First Protective$1,074
Florida Farm$1,105
St. Johns$1,155
People's Trust$1,198
Tower Hill Prime$1,229
Florida Peninsula$1,246
American Traditions$1,335
Southern Oak$1,382
American Integrity$1,412
Tower Hill Preferred$1,518
Tower Hill Select$1,618
Southern Fidelity$1,642
Tower Hill Signature$1,653
Security First$1,834
Florida Family$1,847
Family Security$1,857
First Community$1,866
Auto Club Florida$1,950
Castle Key$2,051
Liberty Mutual$2,290
State Farm Florida$2,976

Flood Insurance in Putnam

Although Putnam County is landlocked, because it’s located In Florida, tropical storms can still cause flooding around homes in flood plains each, which can result in costly damage to your home. As a result, you’ll need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy, since standard home insurance won’t cover this kind of water damage.

Regional insurance companies like First Protective offer affordable flood insurance policies as part of the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program. Getting both your home and flood insurance policies can make managing your plan and payments simpler and cheaper.

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