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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Raccoon Damage?

Standard insurance policies normally cover damages caused by a raccoon. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Find out more in this article if your policy can cover for the damage made by a rowdy raccoon.

How To Know if Raccoons Live In Your Home?

Raccoons find a way to get inside a home to protect their offspring. Mother raccoons are one of the most maternal animals you can imagine and they go the extra length to protect their babies. This is why one surefire sign of having a raccoon-infested home is when you hear the cries of baby raccoons. Since raccoons are on the heavier side, you may hear them walk around during the night. Raccoons are awake at night, which is why you need to be more observant of their presence at nighttime.

Another sign that raccoons live in your property is the urine and poop that they leave behind. You may want to research further about what raccoon droppings look like because it is certainly different from the feces of other rodents. In general, their feces are black and round. Oftentimes, it also contains undigested food since raccoons have short intestines that prevent them from fully digesting their food.

Common Damages Caused by Raccoons

1.    Raccoon bites – People are fascinated by raccoons, which is why several people come close to them when they see them. However, not everyone knows that raccoons have been responsible for several rabies cases.

2.    Raccoon roundworm – If there is one disease that is most commonly associated with raccoons, it is the raccoon roundworm. This is transmitted through the ingestion of raccoon feces as they carry a microscopic parasite. This can cause blindness, brain damage, or death to those infected.

3.    Damage to home structure– Raccoons can enter through the roof and this is why they often cause damage by trying to break in through the roof. They cause damages to ceilings by trying to tear it apart. Most damages would occur in the attic and you would find that most items in there would probably be destroyed. Since they make a home out of your attic, they also find the time to fill the place with amenities by chewing through walls and air ducts.

4.    Damage to personal property – Raccoons won’t leave your personal property alone. If they can chew through the structure of your home, they will also chew through the items lying around in your storage.

Will My Insurance Coverage Cover the Damage Caused by Raccoons?

Raccoons are considered wild animals. In this case, if your home is damaged by a raccoon, your insurance policy would pay for it unless an exception is explicitly stated in the coverage. Your insurance policy may include an exclusion clause, but you may ask for reconsideration depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Your insurance policy may also be able to cover for the removal of the raccoon in your property if the costs related to it are exorbitant. Moreover, raccoon removal is a job that is best left in the capable hands of professionals.

However, your standard insurance policy wouldn’t cover for damage to your personal property. This means that your insurance policy may pay for damaged roofs and walls. However, if the raccoon chews through your piano, you are on your own. Your insurance company will most likely not cover personal property loss.

We hope that we have provided you with a bit of clarity when it comes to this matter. If you still aren’t sure about the contents of your policy when it comes to raccoon damage, you can always contact your insurance company to verify.

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