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Rockford Mutual Home Insurance Review

Rockford Mutual Home Insurance Review

Rockford Mutual Home Insurance Review

Rockford Mutual Insurance Company is an Illinois-based insurance group that provides private and commercial insurance policies. Rockford Mutual is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, their main service area is the Midwestern region. Rockford Mutual’s main specialty is automotive and home insurance, however, the company provides farm insurance and commercial property insurance. Rockford Mutual is licensed to service the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. The company has branch offices and agents in those states.

Company Overview

Rockford Mutual is one of the oldest insurance companies in the Midwest – the company was founded in 1896 and has almost 130 years in the business. Rockford Mutual was founded in the town of Rockford, IL and was first named Rockford Farmer’s District Mutual Tornado Insurance Company. The company catered to farmers who were left exposed without insurance and insured private farms against natural disasters. Rockford Mutual still provides insurance policies to farmers to this day. Rockford Mutual started offering personal home and automotive insurance in the 70s when the company expanded.

Rockford Mutual’s main markets are Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana where they offer equal coverage for all their policies. Rockford Mutual operates as a mutual company and it’s currently one of the largest insurers in the Midwest with over 70,000 active paying customers. The company offers basic auto insurance and home insurance including bundles and discounts. Rockford Mutual does not sell their policies directly, clients have to inquire with an independent agent who will supply them with premium options based on their zip code and home value. Rockford Mutual currently has a network of 200 independent agents that are licensed to sell their policies. Rockford Mutual is located in Rockford, IL.

Rockford Mutual home insurance policies are available for the following:

Financial Ratings

Rockford Mutual is a financially stable company. Rockford Mutual is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, a company that rates insurance companies based on their financial stability and customer complaint ratio. The BBB currently awards Rockford Mutual an A+ or Excellent rating for financial stability.

Home Insurance

Rockford Mutual provides an extensive HO-3 plan with coverage for the property, the side structures, personal liability, medical liability, and many perils. Rockford Mutual provides protection against water damage and power surges in their HO-3 policy by default. Their HO-3 plan is very extensive and the company doesn’t offer add-ons as their HO-3 policies cover all possible damages. Clients can optionally purchase additional coverage or insurance for high-value items.

The HO-3 plan provides coverage for the following:

  • Main residence. The main home is covered against all structural damage: fires, lighting storms, wind damage/tornadoes, hail storms, home invasions/break-ins, vandalism, riot damage, falling objects, and more. Rockford Mutual even includes free water damage coverage for the plumbing system, heating system damage and power surge damage. Clients can optionally increase their insurance at guaranteed replacement cost.
  • Detached structures. All structures located on the client’s property that are not part of the main home are insured – sheds, visitor’s homes, animal barns, garages, decks and more. Clients can optionally increase their coverage for each one of those structures.
  • Loss of use liability. If a client loses their home due to an accident the company will cover all their living expenses while their home is being rebuilt or repaired. This policy applies if a client’s home is unlivable due to constant construction. It covers hotel costs, food costs, bills and more.
  • Legal liability. If a client causes damage to a neighbor’s property or a homeowner association by accident, they’ll be insured for all settlement and legal fees. For example, if a client’s tree falls over and damages a neighbor’s car, the company will reimburse the client for all legal fees upon lawsuit.
  • Medical liability. Clients are insured against all injuries if they’re injured on their property. This policy extends to the client’s family and guests.


Rockford Mutual’s main HO-3 plan can be discounted if it’s combined in a bundle or meets their standards for discount. The following discounts are available:

  • Bundle policy discount. If a client combines their home insurance policy with their auto insurance from Rockford, they are eligible for a discount
  • New construction discount. If a home is brand new or built within the last decade, it is eligible for the new home discount. 
  • Safety equipment discount. If a client’s home is equipped with protective devices such as smoke detectors, sprinklers, and security cameras – they are eligible for a discount. 

Customer Reviews

Rockford Mutual receives mixed reviews – many of them praise the low premium rates but negative ones claim their customer service department could use improvements. Positive reviews highlight that the company is responsible and willing to help new policyholders by explaining the process, many say the premium rates remain low as long as one doesn’t file a claim.

Negative reviews come from clients who claim the company only offers low premiums if the customer doesn’t file a claim – they say the company increases rates severely if a client files a claim. Some reviewers said they were dropped from the company upon filing their first claim. One reviewer complained their customer service wasn’t friendly when they wanted to make a claim.

Overall, the company seems to provide low rates and is fairly responsive, but clients have to watch not to make multiple claims.

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