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Santa Maria CA Home Insurance Rates

How much is homeowners insurance in California? The answer depends on the city. At the least, a Santa Maria insurance will cost you $283 a year. Whereas the priciest type of home insurance will run you $1,790.

What you should be really asking is: How much is home insurance per year? For Santa Maria, the average annual home insurance cost is around $824.56. It’s definitely one of the lowest rates we’ve seen. For comparison, the state average is $986 a year.

The Top Homeowners Insurance Companies in Santa Maria, CA

Integon/National has the cheapest homeowners insurance for $300,000 coverage. The CA insurance company charges $458/yr for a house that’s 7 to 15 years or 26 to 40 years old.

In the $400,000 category, Pacific Property & Casualty has the cheapest rates for a new home. But if you want the same home insurance coverage for a 7-15 year house, the lowest annual home insurance cost is from Mercury Ins Group.

The top 10 homeowners insurance companies in Santa Maria CA are:

  1. Mercury Ins Group ($489.75)
  2. Integon National ($490.75)
  3. First American Specialty ($557.25)
  4. California Capital ($565.25)
  5. Universal North America ($572.75)
  6. Pacific Property & Casualty ($574)
  7. Tokio Marine America ($582.75)
  8. Kemper ($593.25)
  9. Wawanesa ($595.25)
  10. Pacific Specialty ($608.25)
CompanyAnnual rates for a new house & 400k coverageAnnual rates for 7-15 yr house & 400k coverageAnnual rates for 7-15 yr house & 300k coverageAnnual rates for 26-40 yr house & 300k coverageCompany Average
Average$673.08$1005.13$783.23$836.79Santa Maria Average: $824.56
Mercury Ins Group$400$599$472$488$489.75
First American Specialty$449$728$526$526$557.25
California Capital$454$693$551$563$565.25
Universal North America$363$685$553$690$572.75
Pacific Property And Casualty$283$754$568$691$574
Tokio Marine America$549$708$537$537$582.75
Pacific Specialty$502$784$603$544$608.25
ASI Select Ins Corp$477$768$615$699$639.75
AAA (Interinsurance Exchange)$390$868$656$662$644
Aegis Security$598$789$597$719$675.75
California Casualty$421$842$709$738$677.5
Horace Mann$640$854$605$641$685
Western Mutual/Residence$576$770$598$804$687
MAPFRE Group$517$890$661$693$690.25
Metropolitan Direct$605$917$705$739$741.5
Horace Mann P & C$706$942$671$711$757.5
IDS Property Casualty$614$938$693$797$760.5
Stillwater Prop & Cas Co$549$1,095$852$861$839.25
Amica Mutual$743$1,026$804$804$844.25
State Farm$584$1,146$876$946$888
CSE Safeguard$590$1,044$933$996$890.75
Liberty Ins Corp$578$1,053$853$1,080$891
American Reliable$852$1,023$802$979$914
Hartford (Sentinel)$737$1,123$932$1,098$972.5
Cincinnati Ins Co$938$1,177$903$948$991.5
Farmers (Fire Ins)$755$1,219$996$1,022$998
AIG Prop Cas$972$1,210$926$970$1019.5
Stillwater Ins Co$753$1,459$1,135$1,128$1118.75
General Ins$742$1,422$1,137$1,210$1127.75
American Security$964$1,377$1,034$1,199$1143.5
American Modern$1,277$1,392$1,014$1,118$1,200.25
Bankers Standard$1,090$1,430$1,343$1,405$1,317
Foremost Insurance$1,455$1,601$1,138$1,256$1,362.5
Privilege Underwriters Exch$1,288$1,790$1,342$1,342$1,440.5

The most affordable annual home insurance for a new home with $400,000 coverage are:

  1. Pacific Property & Casualty ($283)
  2. Universal North America ($363)
  3. AAA Interinsurance Exchange ($390)
  4. Mercury Ins Group ($400)
  5. California Casualty ($421)

But if you’d like to get homeowners insurance at $400,000 coverage for a 7-15 year house, the top picks are:

  1. Mercury Ins Group ($599)
  2. Integon/National ($604)
  3. Universal North America ($685)
  4. California Capital ($693)
  5. Tokio Marine America ($708)

Finally, if you need $300,000 coverage for a 7-15 or 26-40 year home, you can get the best homeowners insurance rates here:

  1. Integon/National ($458)
  2. Mercury Ins Group ($472-$488)
  3. First American Specialty ($526)
  4. Tokio Marine America ($537)
  5. California Capital ($551-$563)

Why compare home insurance companies in Santa Maria, CA?

Each Santa Maria insurance agency offers different types of property insurance. Their yearly home insurance cost will vary based on their coverage. Our home insurance comparison tool allows you to compare two things:

  1. The average homeowners insurance cost for every company. So you can get a bird’s eye view of who has the cheapest prices.
  2. The annual homeowners insurance rates for every policy. So you can choose from different types of homeowner insurance.

How to Calculate Homeowners Insurance Coverage

When buying homeowners insurance, there’s one important trick you need to learn. And that is knowing how to estimate homeowners insurance cost. Tools designed for home insurance comparison can only help you set a budget. However, they won’t help you decide between a 300K or 400K home insurance.

To calculate your needed coverage, you have to consider the following:

  • The cost of rebuilding your home
  • The cost of replacing your property (except vehicles)
  • The total value of your at-risk assets

Step 1: Estimating the cost of rebuilding a home

California home insurance companies can pay for the cost of rebuilding a home. It considers the possibility of a house being completely destroyed. The replacement value of the home structure will be taken into account, including:

  • Roofing materials
  • Flooring materials
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Exterior elements (i.e. stonework)
  • Other interior fixtures (i.e. sinks)

Tip: Your dwellings coverage should equal the total amount.

Step 2: Calculating the replacement cost of your personal property

The best homeowners insurance companies will cover your personal belongings. But there is a limit on how much coverage a Santa Maria insurance can provide. Usually, it will be anywhere around 50% to 75% of your dwellings coverage.

To illustrate, let’s say you have a dwellings insurance policy worth $300,000. This means you can get as much as $150,000 to $225,000 in personal property coverage. Some personal belongings you can cover are:

  • Clothes and jewelry
  • Electronics and kitchen appliances
  • Furniture
  • Power tools

Tip: Keep an inventory of your personal items. Include details such as the date of purchase and their replacement value. If you can, take pictures of your most valuable possessions. Your CA insurance agency might demand proof of possession, so it pays to be a step ahead.

Step 3: Calculating the value of at-risk assets

Planning to take out a personal liability coverage? Then you need to check your assets to see which ones are at risk in the event of a lawsuit. Some assets such as 401(k)s, home equity, social security benefits, and IRAs are safe from lawsuits.

Below are examples of at-risk assets:

  • Vehicles and boats under your name
  • Any business asset you own
  • Bank savings and investments

Tip: Each state has different laws around assets. In California, 401(k) funds are safer than IRAs. CA residents are thus advised to include their IRAs when calculating for at-risk assets.

Once you have calculated costs from Steps 1-3, add them up. The total amount will be the home insurance coverage you need for your Santa Maria home.

What is it like to live in Santa Maria, CA?

Santa Maria is a pleasant Californian beach town. Only, it doesn’t have as much traffic typical of one. The city also isn’t frequented by tourists in the same way that Santa Barbara is. With most shops closing at 9, it’s a nice place to settle down if you’re not fond of a fast-paced life.

The city grew by 7.4% in the last 7 years  and has 107,014 residents as of 2017. Households have a median income of $55,485 which, unfortunately, is much less than California average. What the city lacks in income, it makes up for with lower cost housing. The median value of houses in Santa Maria CA is $297,200. Meanwhile, California houses have a median value of $443,400.


The home insurance costs on this web page were retrieved from the official website of California Insurance Department. Actual rates may vary from the displayed costs. Only use our website as a general guideline to compare home insurance rates. Statistics involving US cities and states were sourced from the United States Census Bureau website.

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