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Savannah, GA Homeowners Insurance

Savannah, Georgia Homeowners Insurance

Savannah, GA Homeowners Insurance
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The beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia is a dream city for a lot of families. In this article we will help you find the best homeowners insurance in Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah is the oldest city in the state of Georgia and is Chatham County’s seat. The city was established in 1733 and is located nicely beside the beautiful Savannah River. Over the years, Savannah was developed into an industrial city and is an important Atlantic seaport city. It is also the fifth largest city in the state with a total population of 145,862 in 2018.

Every year, Savannah attracts millions of tourists not only because of its rich history but also due to its fine weather. In the city, you can find numerous parks, schools, and important historic buildings. The city’s downtown area includes several historic district and parks. It still retains the original plan of the town when it was founded centuries ago.

The city is divided into diverse neighborhoods which are divided into six areas across the city. These include Downtown, Midtown, Southside, Eastside, Westside, and Southwest side. Oozing with southern charm, vibrant downtown, and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, it is not surprising that Savannah is becoming the residence of choice for many families.

Demographics In Savannah, Georgia

  • Population: 145,862
  • Households: 53,664
  • Homes that are owner-occupied: 43.7%
  • Person per household: 2.50
  • Average family size: 3.13
  • Average value of owner-occupied houses: $146,600
  • Median gross rent: $942
  • Median household income: $39,386
  • Total housing units: 57,437
  • Occupied housing units: 51,375
  • Vacant housing units: 6,062
  • For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use: 197

Average Homeowners Insurance Costs In Georgia

Georgia is one of the best places to reside if you are after affordable homeowners insurance policy. It ranks 30th among the cost of insurance policies in the country which means it offers more affordable choices than its neighboring states. The annual average cost of homeowners insurance in Georgia is $1,200 which is just within the actual average cost of homeowners insurance policy in the country at $1,192.

Home Insurance Companies in Savannah Georgia

You can find plenty of homeowners insurance company in Savannah, Georgia. It is important that you do proper research to get the best coverage for your home. Check out the premium rates for homes valued at $200,000 here.

Company$1000 Deductible
American Family $1114
American National General$1037
Amica Mutual$2651
Central Mutual$1181
Massachusetts Bay$1949
First Protective$1326
Safeco Insurance Company of Indiana$1150.78
Old Dominion$1392

In this table, it shows that the top three most affordable insurance providers in Savannah, are AIG, American National, and Memberselect.

Identifying Hazards in Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia is located on the southeastern side of the state which makes it vulnerable to various hazards. Still, because of its history, natural beauty, and economic stability, the city continues to grow economically. When you plan to purchase a homeowners insurance for your property in Savannah it is crucial that you understand what hazards you should be covered for.

Georgia gets its fair share of hurricanes every year and it is especially common in towns and cities located near the Atlantic seaboard. Nevertheless, while there may be two or three hurricanes hitting this area each year, it does not get as worse as its neighbor, Florida.

When getting an insurance policy, make sure your property has coverage against hurricane damage, wind damage, and flood damage. Flooding is also a common hazard since the city is surrounded by numerous bodies of water including small waterways and the Savannah River. Adequate protection means you will be able to save money with repairs and rebuilding in case the worse happens.

Theft and Burglaries in Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia also has its fair share of property crimes including 4,525 counts of theft and 566 counts of burglary reported in 2017. If you have valuable items in your home, make sure to assess your homeowners insurance well to make sure all your personal property are adequately covered.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Homeowners Insurance

A homeowners insurance is important especially if you want your property covered from any unwanted event. Some of the things that you should take into consideration when choosing an insurance policy are:

  • Customer Service – Some insurance companies offer affordable premiums but poor customer service. This may cause more problems especially if you are processing claims. Make sure to sign up with a company that provides the best kind of services.
  • Pricing – Pricing for your premiums can easily change when discounts and adjustments are applied. When shopping for an insurance policy consider reviewing the discounts that they offer, as well as, how this will be applied to your property. Some homeowners are able to save hundreds of dollars when the right discounts are used to their advantage.

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