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SECURA Home Insurance Review

SECURA Home Insurance Review

SECURA Home Insurance Review

SECURA Insurance is a Wisconsin-based insurance company – SECURA is one of the longest-standing U.S. insurance companies that operate in twelve states and provides coverage for all home and automotive owners. SECURA provides all-around insurance including home insurance, auto insurance and commercial insurance options for businesses. SECURA policies are offered in 12 states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, and their home state – Wisconsin.

SECURA is operational for nearly 120 years, the company was founded in 1900 when a cyclone hit the city of New Richmond, WI, and the local township wanted to insure the citizenry against natural disasters. The business owners in the area banded together and formed the original “Farmer’s Home Mutual Hail, Tornado and Cyclone Insurance Company”. This long name was dropped 40 years ago when in 1986, the management decided to shorten it to “SECURA Insurance”. SECURA insures homes against natural disasters to this day but the company offers a range of private insurance options.

SECURA’s specialty is property and casualty insurance and the company has a community-based tradition – financing non-profit efforts for local communities. SECURA Insurance offers standard insurance plans, bundle discounts, and optional add-ons. SECURA’s main offices are in Wisconsin, and they sell their insurance policies through a network of agents in the 12 states they service. SECURA is located in Appleton, WI.

SECURA home insurance policies are available for the following:

  • Homes
  • Condominium units
  • Rental properties

Financial Ratings

SECURA has very stable finances – the company is listed on the Better Business Bureau which rates insurance companies based on their financial stability and past customer complaints. SECURA is currently rated “A+” by the BBB, and the company receives very few complaints by customers.

Home Insurance Plans

SECURA provides insurance for almost all forms of private property and community purposes: individual homeowners, condominiums, renters/tenants, farm-owners, commercial-property owners, teams, events, and non-profit organizations. SECURA Insurance provides minimal information quote-wise, clients have to enter their zip code and reach out to a local independent agent that sells their policies in order to receive a quote.

HO-3 Policy

SECURA’s HO-3 homeowners plan is only offered in a bundle with auto insurance. Clients are unable to purchase homeowners policies separately, they must bundle it with SECURA’s auto insurance plan. SECURA provides high levels of coverage for both homes and automobiles, and clients can choose from a number of optional upgrades and add-ons.

Basic & Gold Packages

SECURA’s main home insurance package is called Mile Stone, a full auto home bundle that insures clients against all perils on their home and vehicles. SECURA’s Mile Stone plan is offered in 2 main versions: Basic and Gold.

SECURA secures the Mile Stone bundle by offering a joint deductible if a client chooses to make a claim – that deductible covers damages to both a vehicle and the home, depending on the needs of the client.

Mile Stone Basic

SECURA’s most in-demand plan is their Mile Stone Basic plan. The basic HO-3 plan covers most common perils across the United States such as fires, hurricanes, and more. The basic plan also covers the client’s vehicle and real estate at 100% of the necessary replacement cost – therefore, there is no need to upgrade to the more expensive Gold plan unless the client opts for additional coverage or more add-ons.


SECURA offers a number of add-ons which can be included with their basic HO-3 plan:

  • Identity theft – If the client’s identity is stolen and used for malicious purposes, SECURA hires an agent that clears out their credit history, card replacement and other damage that was done to the client’s identity.
  • Increased personal property coverage – If the client has high-value items in their home such as watches, arts, antiques, gold, they can increase their coverage for the full replacement cost.
  • Travel rental – If the client rents a car while they’re traveling somewhere in the United States, SECURA can insure their rental car.
  • Towing and labor – In the event of a claim, SECURA can pay for the towing of materials and the contractor labor and not only the cost of the replacement material.

Note: Every single one of those options is added to their more expensive Gold plan by default.

Mile Stone Gold

The Gold plan is SECURA’s most premium plan, meant for clients who want maximum coverage and the highest replacement value. In the event of an accident, clients on the Gold plan will receive a 125% replacement payout, which is 25% extra compensation than the original cost of the repairs necessary.

SECURA’s gold plan offers maximum security for clients. The claim pays more than the total repair cost, provides more coverage for personal belongings and insures clients even while they’re outside of their home.

  • ‘Travel Rescuer’ – This policy secures clients while they’re traveling and need medical assistance on their travels. The Travel Rescue program provides emergency help for the insured person and their family, and if they need medical coverage SECURA reimburses clients for all their medical expenses.
  • ‘Roadside Rescuer’ – If the client’s car is stuck in any of the 12 states they service, SECURA will dispatch a road-rescue team that can help them with all their needs, tire replacements, emergency lockout (if the key is stuck or the car won’t start), towing stuck cars, any roadside labor, etc.
  • Identity protection – SECURA protects clients against all identity theft by providing face-to-face assistance and reimbursing clients for all the financial damage caused.
  • Pet protector – SECURA protects pets in case they are injured in an accident on the client’s property, vehicle or any watercraft. The company either reimburses clients for the veterinary costs or in the unfortunate event a pet passes – they finance the purchase of a new pet.
  • Accident forgiveness – SECURA provides clients much lower premiums if they’ve been accident-free for at least 3 years while using their services.
  • Glass express – If the client has accidental glass damage and needs to replace their windshield/side glass, the Glass Express service can swiftly repair their glass.


SECURA offers discounts on premiums for clients who fit certain criteria:

  • Customer loyalty – If a client has been with SECURA for more than 3 years, they are eligible for lower premiums independent of how many claims they filed.
  • Hybrid car – If a client purchases a hybrid or electric car, they are eligible for premium discounts.
  • Good student – If a client is currently enrolled at a university and receives good grades, they are eligible for discounts on their auto and home insurance.

Customer Reviews

SECURA Insurance has overwhelmingly positive reviews. SECURA has a reputation for providing low rates compared to other bundle packages, and many customers report making multiple claims and receiving their claims on time (especially during accidents where emergency funds are required). Clients claim that SECURA offers them great deals on premiums and that their premiums remain the same even after making claims. SECURA is seen as a reliable company that reimburses their clients in a timely fashion. 

The few negative reviews come from people who have had a negative experience with the company, but they’re all unique cases. One customer complained that they refuse to insure hemp marijuana plantations (legal on a Federal level currently) and a common negative review is that they force all clients to bundle an auto-policy with home insurance even if the customer doesn’t own an automobile. One client was promised that he could talk to the CEO but he was redirected to the VP of the company.

Overall, SECURA seems to pay out fast and has top-notch customer service, but their service is only good for people who can purchase auto-home bundles – people who want only home insurance should look elsewhere.

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