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St. Johns Home Insurance Review

St. Johns Home Insurance Review

St. Johns Home Insurance Review

St. Johns is an insurance company that provides insurance to home and condominium owners across the state of Florida. St Johns was established in 2003 as a smaller branch of its parent company, St. Johns Holding Company. The company is owned by St. James Insurance Group, an old-standing insurance company, and it’s based out of Orlando, FL. The company retains a strong presence in Florida and South Carolina while continually expanding its reach. The combination of low insurance premiums and wide coverage has made it one of the most attractive insurance companies in the state of Florida.

St Johns is privately held and it specializes in the insurance of homes and condominium complexes. It mostly services the Florida area but has branches in South Carolina as well. They’re highly esteemed by financial institutions and offer stable access to funds during claims. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality insurance over the long haul. St John’s sells plans via a network of distributer agents located throughout the state – in order to purchase a plan, customers have to find the closest agent nearby.

The company has a long-standing history since before its establishment in 2003, as the St. James Insurance Group (the owner of St Johns) has been providing home insurance since 1984. Today, they are one of the largest private insurance groups in the South-East U.S. and they are committed to expanding their reach.

St. Johns policies provide coverage for the following: 

  • Homes
  • Condos/condominium complexes
  • Landlord insurance
  • Umbrella insurance (all-around financial insurance package)

Financial Rating

St Johns has a perfect financial record – it was granted an “A” rating by Demotech, a company that specializes in the ranking of insurance companies based on financial stability. St Johns is capable of covering expenses in case of a claim.

Homeowner Plans At St Johns

St Johns offers customized plans and clients have to inquire an agent in order to receive a quote and an individual plan – there are no pre-set plans available at the moment. The plans cover the following:

  • Homes
  • Side structures/detached structures (visitor’s homes, sheds, garages, fences, etc)
  • Personal items (valuables such as art, jewelry, furniture, electronics, clothes, etc)
  • Loss of use (if a family has to move out while repairs are carried out, St Johns will reimburse their expenses)
  • Personal liability (if an insured person was hurt during an accident, St Johns will cover the medical bills)

Home Insurance

The basic home insurance plan provides coverage for all damage to the home, including any damage to attached structures such as garages. There is add-on coverage for “other structures” (detached structures on your property) but the main plan provides all-around coverage for the home. Any repairs a customer needs such as window replacements, shingle replacements, doors, and interior damage will be covered under their most basic HO-3 plan. If there are attached structures, they are considered part of the main home and therefore don’t need separate add-ons to be covered under the policy.

Detached Structures Add-On

If you have structures on your property that you want to insure such as a detached garage, shed, fence or even a boat dock – you can do this by upgrading your St Johns plan. The added coverage is for each individual building structure you want to secure.

Personal Belongings Coverage

St Johns can insure your personal belongings and this will include valuables such as artwork, furniture, collections, kitchen appliances, silverware, gadgets/electronics, clothing, and more. All personal items in the household can be insured under a St Johns policy.

Loss Of Use Policy

This is included under the basic plan – the company will reimburse a family to the full extent of what they need in case they have to move out of their home while repairs are being made. This is to avert homelessness in case a home is ruined in a disastrous hurricane or tropical storm.

Personal Liability/Medical Expenses

St Johns reimburses insurers for all damages/medical expenses to their body if they were injured during an accident on their property.

Payout – Reinsurance Program

St Johns maintains a large reinsurance portfolio in order to make sure they have the funds available to cover all damages during a large catastrophe in Florida. They are one of the most financially stable companies in the state and have reinsurance placed in multiple international markets such as Bermuda and London. They also participate in the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund to provide near-immediate access to funds in the event of a catastrophe.


St Johns doesn’t directly sell plans, but only provides customer service while agents sell their individual plans. The company sells insurance using a series of agents dispersed throughout the state – customers have to enter their zip code in order to find an immediate agent in their area. Once a customer sends out an inquiry, a representative from the local agent reaches out to them with a number of plan options which they can compare to other insurers. They’re known to provide some of the lowest rates in Florida.

Customer Reviews

St Johns receives mixed reviews and the overall theme for customer feedback is neutral – many customers praise their customer service and low premium prices, while others claim they haven’t received a full payout for all their claims. There are no cases of customers taking St Johns to court or having to engage in legal battles, and customers claim the company is fast in issuing checks for all emergencies and regular claims. 

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