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Stillwater Home Insurance Review (2023)

Founded in 2000, Stillwater offers homeowners insurance in all 50 states. What makes them stand out is a wide selection of additional coverages and many discounts available. While this insurer can often provide an affordable premium, they have also accumulated quite a few claims-related complaints.

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Premiums 5
Claims 1
Customer Satisfaction 3
Financial Standing 4
  • Many discounts available.
  • Online quotation tool available.
  • A wide range of additional coverages.
  • Low complaint index from NAIC.
  • Available in all states.
  • Poor claims handling.
  • Not the best financial outlook for the future from AM Best.
  • Mixed customer service.

Stillwater Insurance Group was founded in 2000, as the Fidelity National Property and Casualty Insurance Group, a branch of FNF, the country’s largest provider of commercial and residential title and mortgage services.

Stillwater is an insurance carrier that serves all 50 states. They offer standard homeowners insurance policies and also offer coverage for those who own condos and rent apartments. You can get a comprehensive policy through Stillwater to protect your home.

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Getting a great rate on your homeowners insurance is very important, but what is more important is finding a trustworthy company to shop from. This is going to ensure you are getting the right coverage for your home.

Stillwater homeowners insurance coverage

When you get a homeowners policy through Stillwater, you are receiving coverage for your dwelling, other structures, personal property, medical payments, personal liability, and loss of use. These are the basics that are included in standard homeowners insurance policies by most insurers. They are going to protect your home at a standard level, and you get to choose most of these coverage amounts when you request a quote.

There is a way to request a quote online, which allows you to customize your coverage limits directly through the Stillwater website. This is very helpful because you can see exactly the kind of coverage you are getting, so there are no unanswered questions when it comes to how much your home will be protected in the event of a covered loss.

Additional coverages

There are additional coverages you can add to your homeowners policy if you feel that you need more protection. This is great because Stillwater allows you to customize the policy to your liking, so you will always feel that your home is protected.

  • Animal liability: if you have a pet living with you, this is an important coverage to consider. It will protect you in case your pet is liable for any injuries that occur at your home.
  • Identity theft: in case your identity gets stolen, this coverage will help you with the fees associated with regaining your identity. This is useful coverage, as a lot of fraud can occur if your identity is stolen.
  • Personal injury: this is an area of coverage where you might like a little extra protection. Stillwater gives you this option by allowing you to purchase it separately.
  • Scheduled personal property: when you have this endorsement, you get to create a list of your personal property so it is scheduled. This will allow the carrier to know exactly what you have and what it is worth in case it gets damaged.
  • Special personal property: this is a great coverage to consider if you have any valuable items or collectibles. You can ensure these items are specifically protected when you name them in this endorsement.
  • Water backup: many homeowners insurance policies exclude water backup, so adding this coverage will protect you in case this happens in your home.
  • Extended dwelling coverage: this endorsement increases your dwelling limit by up to 25% if the cost to rebuild your home exceeds the dwelling coverage limit after a covered loss.

Stillwater also offers other additional coverages such as service line, sinkhole, ordinance or law, inflation guard, inland flood, and debris removal coverages, as well as mold, fungus, or rot damage coverage and earthquake insurance.

Stillwater homeowners insurance discounts

Stillwater provides many different discounts that you can apply to your homeowners insurance premium. This will help you save money over time.

  • Accredited builder: if you can prove your home was built by an accredited builder, you qualify for a discount.
  • Age of insured: homeowners who are older appear to get a discount through Stillwater.
  • Automatic sprinkler: having automatic sprinklers set up reduces your risk of fires and qualifies you for a discount.
  • Claim-free: being free of claims will earn you a discount from Stillwater.
  • Gated community: Living in a gated community is rewarded by the carrier.
  • Home alarm: having an alarm system will earn you a discount for having this safety measure installed.
  • Marital status: married homeowners get a discount from Stillwater.
  • Multi-policy: having more than one policy with the carrier will qualify you for a discount.
  • Newly acquired home: if you have recently purchased your home, you may earn a discount.
  • Roof type: ask about which type of roof will get you a discount through Stillwater.
  • Utility upgrade: when you upgrade your home’s utilities, Stillwater may provide a discount on insurance.


The average cost of a Stillwater homeowners insurance policy is around $1,589 per year according to PolicyGenius. This rate is for a policy that includes $300,000 worth of dwelling coverage. When compared to the national average, this is around 18% cheaper than you will find at other carriers. It is a great value for the kind of coverage you are able to obtain when you choose Stillwater.

There are always ways to save even more money on your policy if you apply for some of the several discounts they have to offer. Your price is also going to vary depending on whether or not you select additional coverage options.

Checking online reviews, we found several homeowners stating that they were able to get low-cost premiums from Stillwater. There are some complaints that the premium increases upon renewal.

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Claims experience

Those who have filed claims with Stillwater have not had the best experiences. Many people complain that the carrier does not communicate well. They are left waiting for weeks at a time on responses. This is followed by many other negative reviews stating the company continues to take a long time even after an adjuster has been assigned to the claim.

Those who have worked with Stillwater do not recommend them when it comes to filing claims because of the difficulty of getting in contact with them. Many people warn potential customers to look elsewhere when shopping for homeowners insurance.

Customer service

The reviews on Stillwater’s customer service are mixed. Some people are very happy with the level of customer service they have received, while others complain that the company simply ignores these inquiries. It appears that the customers have mixed opinions depending on which agent they are assigned.

According to NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), Stillwater Insurance Group actually gets a below-average number of complaints for a company of its size. Stillwater’s complaint index is 0.53 for homeowners insurance in 2022. The industry’s average complaint index is always set to 1.00, so NAIC’s data indicates that many of Stillwater’s policyholders are happy with their insurance.

Financial Strength


Stillwater has an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. They have been accredited since 2015 and have 40 closed complaints over the last three years.

AM Best

Stillwater received an A- rating through AM Best. This is an excellent rating, but they appear to have a negative financial outlook for the future.

The verdict

Stillwater is an insurance company that provides exactly what you would expect when shopping for homeowners insurance. They are available in every state, and they offer online quoting. Their premiums are cheaper than the national average, while also offering many discounts to further lower their rates. This is a good option for those on a budget or solely looking to save money.

When it comes to coverage, Stillwater provides a comprehensive list of endorsements that can be added to any policy. This allows you to feel you are adequately protected. However, the company does not have the best reputation when it comes to handling claims. Many customers are upset by their lack of communication and effectiveness.

While this is a cheap and reasonable company, it is probably for the best to look elsewhere for insurance if you want a superb experience with the staff. Stillwater is also lacking in the financial stability department, showing a negative outlook for the future. This is a decently cheap company with coverage options, but its reputation is lacking. You can likely find better insurance carriers out there who are more focused on giving you a positive customer experience.

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