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Sublimity Home Insurance Review

Sublimity Home Insurance Review

Sublimity Home Insurance Review

Sublimity Insurance is an insurance company based out of Oregon that services multiple states in the Western U.S. Sublimity focuses on residential and auto insurance, the company has been in business for more than 120 years, making it one of the most deep-rooted insurance companies on the West Coast. Sublimity started in the town of Sublimity, OR as a farm insurance company for Oregon farmers. The first Sublimity Association was founded in 1896, at the turn of the 20th century when farmers in Oregon needed insurance to protect their farms. The company has since grown and changed many names, while in the 21st century it expanded out of Oregon to neighboring Utah and Idaho.

Sublimity insures personal property and liability products, its policies are currently sold in the states of Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Sublimity changed its name to Sublimity Fire Insurance Company in 1954, but then the company dropped the word Fire from the slogan in the 70s. In their most recent history, Sublimity opened its first branch in Idaho in 1991, and it formed a partnership with Idaho-based United Heritage Financial Group in order to expand to the Utah market in 2008.

Sublimity expands its product lineup and currently offers auto insurance, property insurance (for homes, condos and mobile homes), umbrella insurance and farm insurance – providing coverage to farmers is their specialty. Sublimity does not sell their policies directly, clients have to reach out to one of Sublimity’s independent agents who sell their policies in a local area. Sublimity provides coverage for most of Oregon, Idaho, and Utah. Sublimity is located in Sublimity, OR.

Sublimity home insurance policies are available for the following:

  • Homes (owner-occupied residences in OR, UT, ID)
  • Rental properties
  • Mobile homes
  • Commercial properties

Financial Ratings

Sublimity has a clear record for finances and it’s listed on the Better Business Bureau which awards it an “A+” rating for financial stability and customer service. Sublimity hasn’t had a single complained filed at the BBB and this is a testament to their excellent customer service. Sublimity is not rated by the major financial companies as it’s not considered a major insurance corporation.

Home Insurance

Sublimity offers a standard HO-3 insurance policy for homeowners. Sublimity provides all-around protection in the main plan and this policy is only available to homeowners who currently reside in their homes as their primary residence. Property owners who own seasonal homes have to apply for a separate policy.

HO-3 Homeowners Insurance

Sublimity’s HO-3 provides similar liability coverage for homeowners as it does for condo owners. Repairs and personal liability are included in the standard package. Sublimity doesn’t offer add-ons as their main policy covers most homeowners for common perils

Sublimity’s HO-3 policy protects the following:

  • Main residence. The dwelling structure is insured and covered for any repairs or damages in the event of an accident. If the roof shingles are damaged, if there is damage to the interior, doors, windows, walls or anything that comprises the main residence, Sublimity covers it under their main policy.
  • Side structures. The HO-3 plan covers all structures located on the client’s property such as detached garages, second homes for visitors, animal homes, sheds, playgrounds and more.
  • Personal property. Sublimity covers all personal property inside the home. This includes basic possessions such as clothing and silverware, but it also includes pricier possessions such as furniture, electronics, AC units, and more.
  • Loss of use liability. In the event of an accident, if the insured person’s home is deemed uninhabitable and they have to move out while the home is being repaired, Sublimity covers all living expenses until the home is ready for move-in.
  • Medical liability. If anyone is injured on the insured property, Sublimity bears all medical bills irrespective of their medical insurance. This includes the property owner, their family, and guests.

Sublimity’s HO-3 policy is only available in the states of Oregon, Utah, and Idaho. Sublimity reimburses clients in the form of cash value to replacement cost – depending on the damages/repair costs. The rental policy includes the same benefits but the coverage is usually lower.


Sublimity offers a number of insurance discounts for low-risk properties and clients who combine their home insurance with some of their other policies under a bundle:

  • Bundle Discounts: Discounts for bundle packages if the client combines auto insurance with their HO-3 insurance.
  • Renewal Discounts: Lower premiums for clients who choose to renew their HO-3 policies after 1 year.
  • New-home discounts: Discounts for new homes or homes build during the last 15 years.
  • Safe-home discounts: Discounts for “safe” houses that have alarm equipment or security cameras.

Note: There may be few restrictions to the HO-3 discounts based on state, but most HO-3 discounts are available in Oregon.

Rental Insurance

Sublimity’s rental/tenant insurance is available for up to 4-member family condominium dwellers that rent and want to insure their personal belongings and safety inside the property. The coverage is slightly lower than HO-3 plans, but this is depending on the property value of the condo.

Customer Reviews

Sublimity receives positive feedback and it’s one of the best-rated insurance companies in the U.S. Clients praise Sublimity for their excellent customer service, low rates, multiple discounts, and reliable payouts during claims. Many clients say they’ve successfully resolved multiple claims and received their payouts on time. Sublimity’s team is viewed as welcoming and friendly, providing fast solutions to clients.

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